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    I found this thread starter in a death match post:**I
    ** SE -> DP is always escapable. It's true. On DC VF3 crouch inching away avoids it no matter who you're using. Anyone who has a stick and a pad for a DC can test it by holding D/F with your big toe after your f+P+G with the stick." (@V@)Boing! Let's use our imagination here for more creative idreas to test in VF4.
    ... it's only guaranteed on the 1P side ...
    some Japanese book has it arse backwards... they've been wrong before in too many places to count;).
    quirk or not... another post refers to VF1 Wolf mega-strength that has refurfaced in VF4: WOLF's 6k ( f+K) in rising attack avoids low and high rising kick. has anyone tried this with Lion, Lei, etc.? Admittedly, this is an expert level skill that involves boldness and skills beyond my ordinary scrubby gameplay, for now it gives me fuel for thought and hopefully in the future I will execute it; in all it's splendifious flickerings. The VF Community is growing silently and will get a big boost this March when Sony fighting sticks will be in US with VF4. The search feature here works so good I'm squelly like a pig in it's natural enviroment. ;P

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