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Discussion in 'General' started by adamYUKI, Jun 16, 2000.

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    Well thought I'd post a little something about the DOA2 players here. There was this guy named Donald who used to play Lau in Vf3 and he played alot of Tekken 3 too, I bumped into him at a local game store that had a DOA2 Arcade machine, (this is before DOA2 for the Dreamcast). I asked him about the characters and pretty much Gen Fu is one of the best characters. Zack is insanely strong if played correctly. Jann Lee is very weak against all of the better players. He is very very strong against all beginner/mid level players. He and Ein really are the Jacky's of the game. I play some DOA2 but got royally rocked by the arcade players. The guys here before the DC version came out were insane at the game, They can reverse like nothing. I dont think I could get any low punches in.

    It definately doesnt have the thinking involved with VF3, The reversing is too forgiving, and you cant reverse all throws. After playing for a while you'll see it's a great game for agressive gamers. Leon is very good though. If you haven't tried it yet, start CD'ing. Certain charcters can move around with a korean step kind of motion. Jann is a good example you can CD into a double palm (like akira's motion) very strong very good move. A good mind game is to do f+p, p, (stagger) single jump kick, ppp, f+p, 7 hit combo and very easy to do. If you stagger and go into QCF +K people will either learn to reverse or duck, just CD into Double palm and deal out major damage. You can also go into CD throw with him. Anyhow, just my two cents.


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