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    #vfhome: @ChoiAWAY @faceless @LustedG @Tobias_ @clopimp @PaiChan @jhk @tellure @MyKe
    *** End of /NAMES list.
    *** Mode is +ptn
    *** Channel created at Monday, July 31, 2000 1:55:39 PM
    *** adamYUKI (zgrrblgh@ has joined channel #vfhome
    adamYUKI: HeLLO?
    clopimp: hi adam
    adamYUKI: Clopin
    adamYUKI: Guess WHAT?
    adamYUKI: You know about NYG2, RIGHT?
    clopimp: yes. thank god i'm not there.
    *** CTCP PING 850449925 from adamYUKI replied
    adamYUKI: Guess what happened? BRUTAL!
    adamYUKI: There was a BIG fight!!!!
    adamYUKI: FOR REAL!!!!
    clopimp: really?
    clopimp: cool.
    adamYUKI: Rich was playing Kage, Chanchai was playing Kage, TOO
    adamYUKI: Then...
    adamYUKI: Chanchai kept BEATING Rich really badly.
    adamYUKI: Last round Chan took him out with a TFT, P...
    adamYUKI: Rich finally had enough and SCREAMED something along the lines of "SCUMBAG! CHEAP MACHI CHICKENSHIT!!!" and just SMASHED the controls with his fist
    clopimp: interesting
    adamYUKI: Rich totally started to FLIP out
    adamYUKI: Turned BLOOD red and making horrible NOISES
    adamYUKI: Tossed what was LEFT of the controller in Chan's direction
    adamYUKI: Then Andy steps in and totally defends Chan, saying it's totally OKAY
    adamYUKI: Rich gets REALLY pissed off, and SHOVES Andy out of the way, tossing him over a table!
    adamYUKI: It started to become a real BRAWL!!!!
    adamYUKI: I had to step in there, but since I'm such a small guy, Chan just pcked me up and tossed me aside
    clopimp: wow
    clopimp: awesome.
    adamYUKI: Anyways, to make a long story SHORT, Rich & Chan got into an "altercation", and PEOPLE are nursing are injuries :( :(
    adamYUKI: Wait let me GET Andy
    clopimp: that sucks.
    clopimp: a little.
    adamYUKI: You wanna TALK to him? He's right here... wait A sec
    *** adamYUKI is now known as CrewNYC
    CrewNYC: Man that was pretty crazy
    CrewNYC: It was like a free for all for a minute there.
    CrewNYC: chairs getting knocked over, people swinging fists and throwing dreamcast controllers, it was a mad house in there I tell you. moo.
    MyKe: oh man
    MyKe: so it was just Rich and Chanchai going at eachother?
    *** Mode change "+o CrewNYC" on #vfhome by PaiChan
    CrewNYC: Adam's pretty pissed. I don't think he'll let us come back for NYG3. IF there IS a NYG3...Emil fell on the projector and crushed it.
    CrewNYC: Well it started off like that.
    CrewNYC: And then I stepped in the middle of both of them and Rich and ChanChai tsarted shoving, so I tried to stop it and then shota and emil came in too...
    CrewNYC: And then like all of the sudden we were getting serious and other people started becoming involved because it was like such a cramped in there.
    CrewNYC: Hiro pitched a dreamcast full force and Josh got it right in the face. He'll probably need reconstructive surgery.
    CrewNYC: total fucking carnage.
    tellure: man...
    tellure: dunno what to say...
    tellure: that sucks
    CrewNYC: NOthing really too serious or anything... I have sort of a black eye (not too noticible) a sore nose, and I think one of my ribs is bruised..maybe broken, i got kind of got sandwhiched in the middle of everything. Not too bad except I keep coughing up blood.
    CrewNYC: Rich got knocked over a stool and chan just POUNCED right on top of him as he fell down, I couldn't belive it.
    jhk: whoa
    jhk: something went down?
    jhk: let me scroll up
    MyKe: well, I guess it just goes to show, you don't necessarily know the ppl you meet on the net
    CrewNYC: Read the scrollback dude.
    CrewNYC: Yeah man, you never can tell.
    CrewNYC: It's like the SFers are nuthin man. The VFers are the bad boys of videogaming, I tell you.
    MyKe: now I'm not too sure I wanna meet up with Rich again :p
    clopimp: I could tell that Rich was the agressive type
    clopimp: but I had no idea chanchai could be violent
    MyKe: Could you imagine something like that breaking out at the vancouver thing or something? No way.
    MyKe: Maybe Toronto, but...
    CrewNYC: Well it was just like high tempers...
    CrewNYC: You guys.....
    CrewNYC: moo
    *** Signoff: RDuke (irc.best.net irc.exodus.net)
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    This log is fiction from start to finish.
    End of discussion.

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    Hmmm, I guess I'll make it up to Rich when I meet him for the first time (he'll kick my @$$ anyways-- VF-wise i mean). As for Josh, he's on his way but not here yet. Interesting story anyways... Can't believe there's already tabloid reports of NYG2/images/icons/tongue.gif

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    and whoever was impersonating me did a lowsy job!

    Some people have way too much time on their hands :p

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    Haha.. pretty funny, even funnier how it sounds exactly like a joke Moby and I did way back at the first VF3 Gathering in Vancouver :))

    - Mil
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    that's because the awful jackass who made the post did in fact just slightly modify the original log from you and moby's prank on #vfhome.

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