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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by gribbly, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    ...which I got from Feixaq's site. I'm playing Pai almost exclusively right now, so I was most interested in what aopai was doing.

    Some interesting Pai stuff, and some things I couldn't quite work out... can anyone clarify?

    00:00:06 - b/d+P (float), P (,K,G?), P (,K,G?), K, d/f+P.
    00:00:19 - P+G, u/f+K (hop over opponent rather late - and it *sounds* like there's a hit here, but I can't see Lion's energy bar move...), d/f+P, P, f+P.
    00:00:48 - b/d+P (float), PPKK, d+P+K. This is sweet.
    00.00:54 - d+P, b+K (OTB!) This is also sweet -- I've been looking for a decent OTB hit, plus you can bukotai...
    00:01:06 - double punch combo... what is this?
    00:01:32 - K, d/f+P? Is that really just the standard kick? It looks cool in frame by frame :)

  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    At 6 seconds: Standard float combo, Pai cannot do PKG's because her standing high kick cannot be guard cancelled, nor can her PK combo. The d/f+P you see is actually a canned followup to her high kick, I think all of her d/f+P combos are also preprogrammed followups to a standing kick. So I suspect the command for the combo was just d/b+P, P[G], P[G], K, P.

    At 19 seconds: There was no hit, what you may be hearing is pai's yell, she apparently says "ei!" every time she does the u/f+K. It's a pretty standard pai trick to hop over sideways/rolling bodies with u/f+K.

    At 54 seconds: you mean d+K, b+K OTB? I think some OTB stuff will work on a dead corpse that wouldn't normally hit in a battle situation, but I could be wrong. If you're looking for a decent OTB hit, u/f+K and d/b+K+G are reliable. You may also succeed with f,f+P OTB.

    At 1:06: Pai's sabaki I think. Poor recovery but good rewards on interrupt, and apparently eats low punches? Anyway, search for pai & sabaki and you'll get some info on this.

    1:32 - same thing from above, pai's canned K, P combo. Dural has it also I think? Go to the pai movelist on www.virtuaproject.com.

    Did you spot the dodge reversal in action? She lands it at the end of round 2 to almost kill lion.
  3. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    >Pai cannot do PKG's because her standing
    >high kick cannot be guard cancelled
    >So I suspect the command for the combo
    >was just d/b+P, P[G], P[G], K, P.

    OK thx... didn't know about the canned d/f+P.

    >It's a pretty standard pai trick to hop over
    >sideways/rolling bodies with u/f+K.

    I get what you're saying, and she definitely does yell every time she does u/f+K, but there's also something that sounds like a *hit*. That crunchy impact sound. It's probably a co-incidence.

    I know it's a standard trick (I use it myself all the time), I just wanted a second opinion on the hit.

    >d+K, b+K OTB?

    Sorry, yeah I meant d+K. Hmm you're probably right about the corpse thing, I didn't think of that. I'll try your suggestions (u/f+K and d/b+K+G... glad to see the non-knockdown sweep has *some* use).

    >At 1:06: Pai's sabaki I think.

    OK I found this listed as f, b+PP... interesting, I've never tried it.

    >Did you spot the dodge reversal in action?

    Yeah I had that at 00:00:48. It's d+P+K (or u+P+K). I've been playing with these a lot without too much success. I've had more success (mainly vs. CPU) with b+K, d.

    thx for the input :)

  4. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    You should pay some attention to using d+pk to trip people out of the tech roll, im pretty sure if ther person rolls toward you or to either side you can trip them. So the only safe way to getup is to either do an immediate rise/rising attack with no roll or to roll back.

  5. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    intriguing... so let's say I knock the opponent down (with anything, assume plain old K for now). Now I dash/CD in and press up close. I hit d+P+K (or u+P+K) as they get up and reverse their roll?

    Is that how it works? It would make sense, since simply doing d+P+K in front of a standing opponent achieves very little (although I *think* I caught the CPU once with it as it attempted to evade around me).

  6. alexchin

    alexchin Member

    Or any Pai player had tried low throwing a tech-rolling opponent? Since Wolf can do it I should think Pai(or anyone else with a low throw) can do it too. Would try it later...
  7. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Hehe, I can see some serious Aoi possibilities here (low throw -> ground throw if they stay down, sweep if they QR)
  8. alexchin

    alexchin Member

    Tried Pai low-throwing a tech-rolling opponent, it's possible. However the suceed rate is quite low, quite sometimes it whiffed, don't know if it's the distance or I screwed up the timing...
    It's off topic may be.. but anyone knows the most rewarding option after Pai's low throw? I just use u/f+K,K most of the time.
  9. gribbly

    gribbly Well-Known Member

    after Pai's low throw...

    Good question... I usually go for u/f+K, K as well. But that gets pretty boring. I've tried some other things (especially f,f+P,K) but often get hit by the turning low kick that the opponent almost inevitably performs. I usually end up stepping back to avoid the sweep, side kicking and trying to exploit the stumble, which usually means u/f+K, K again anyway =]

  10. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Re: after Pai's low throw...

    Pai's options after her exchanges kind of suck, you might try this simple flowchart (which probably works now that they can't run away)

    A. You think they'll turn-towards with an attack like a sweep. So you crouch dash and do a heelkick. Decent damage plus a possible chance to stuff them during a tech roll.

    B. You think they will dodge or otherwise turn towards. So you crouch dash into the * f+P+G throw.

    You'll probably recognize this as the stumbling trip strategy too. I wish I'd taken the time to see how worthless ST, f,f+K is in version B. Probably completely.
  11. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Re: after Pai's low throw...

    You'll probably recognize this as the stumbling trip strategy too. I wish I'd taken the time to see how worthless ST, f,f+K is in version B. Probably completely.

    Yeah, I miss Pai's ST in VF4test =P

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