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    Saturday 16th September 2017 saw the running of the 15th annual OzHadou Nationals (OHN) fighting game tournament in Sydney, Australia. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was featured as a "medal game" and drew an impressive turnout by comparative standards. With all of Australia's heavy hitters present and accounted for, a healthy contingent of new challengers, a returning vet and a surprise International guest, OHN15 had all the ingredients for one exciting event!


    Full brackets and results can be found at the official OHN15 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown smash.gg event, and results have also been imported into our Victory Road league here on VFDC.

    1st @Myke
    2nd @Chill
    3rd @AlexMD
    4th @Berzerk
    5th @Jihoon
    5th @MadeManG74
    7th MOV
    7th @Toto
    9th @Eddie
    9th @DaV-GoD
    9th @DeeJayBee
    9th @TAJgarou
    13th Jman
    13th @0Renzokuken0
    13th @TSFGoat
    13th @Stumbles
    17th OllyC
    17th @Pixie
    17th Borgieman
    17th Yam
    17th col_of_man
    17th ROBDAWGG619
    17th @hewgoe

    While there was a live stream recorded and archived, the VF community in Australia rallied together to ensure every match off-stream was recorded as well. Each video contains a timestamped index of matches, and when viewed on YouTube will appear as hyperlinks within the description. The full playlist is as follows.

    0:00:00 [WR1] Renzokuken (EI) vs DaV-GoD (PA)
    0:11:38 [WR1] Borgieman (LA) vs [Dylan (EL)
    0:20:39 [WR1] OllyC (KA) vs Taj Garou (LI)
    0:26:14 [WR1] Goat (VA) vs col_of_man (SA)
    0:30:24 [WR1] Toto (LI) vs Yam (LA)
    0:36:22 [WR1] Hugo (JE) vs Jman (LE)
    0:41:09 [WR2] Hugo (JE) vs Chill (SH)
    0:46:43 [WR2] AlexMD (LE) vs Goat (VA)
    0:51:56 [WR2] Myke (KA) vs Taj Garou (LI)
    0:58:28 [LR1] Borgieman (LA) vs Goat (VA)
    1:07:53 [LR1] [Dylan (EL) vs col_of_man (KA)

    0:00:00 [LR1] PXC (AO) vs DaV-GoD (PA)
    0:13:17 [LR1] OllyC (KA) vs Forever 0-2 (JN)
    0:18:06 [WQF] Eddie Kage (LA) vs Berzerk (PA)
    0:29:21 [LR2] [Dylan (EL) vs Renzokuken (JA)
    0:36:47 [LR2] MadeMan (WO) vs Forever 0-2 (JN)
    0:43:07 [LR1] Robdawgg619 (KA) vs Jman (LE)
    0:50:32 [LR3] DaV-GoD (PA) vs MOV (TA)
    0:56:49 [LR2] Taj Garou (LI) vs Jman (LE)
    1:03:47 [LR3] Jihoon (VA) vs Taj Garou (LI)

    0:00:00 [WR2] PXC (AO) vs Jihoon (VA)
    0:10:48 [WR1] MadeMan (WO) vs MOV (TA)
    0:23:07 [WR2] Eddie Kage (LI) vs [Dylan (JN)
    0:31:36 [WR2] Renzokuken (EI,JA) vs Berzerk (PA)
    0:40:25 [WR2] Forever 0-2 (JN) vs Toto (LI)
    0:46:15 [LR1] Yam (LA) vs Taj Garou (LI)
    0:56:34 [LR1] Hugo (JE) vs MadeMan (WO)

    0:00:00 [WR2] RobDawgg619 (KA,EL) vs MOV (TA)
    0:07:12 [WQF] Jihoon (VA) vs AlexMD (LE)
    0:21:02 [WQF] Myke (KA) vs MOV (TA)
    0:27:38 [LR2] Goat (VA) vs DaV-GoD (PA)
    0:34:54 [LR3] Eddie Kage (LA) vs MadeMan (WO)
    0:45:53 [WQF] Chill (SH) vs Toto (LI)
    1:01:51 [LR3] [Dylan (EL,JN) vs Toto (LI)

    0:00:00 [LR4] MOV (TA) vs MadeMan (WO)
    0:11:04 [WSF] Myke (KA) vs Berzerk (PA)
    0:17:17 [LR4] Jihoon (VA) vs Toto (LI)
    0:31:28 [WSF] AlexMD (LE) vs Chill (SH)
    0:42:28 [LQF] Jihoon (VA) vs Berzerk (PA)
    0:55:11 [LQF] MadeMan (WO) vs AlexMD (JA)
    1:01:58 [LSF] Berzerk (PA) vs AlexMD (LE)
    1:11:08 [WF] Myke (KA) vs Chill (SH)
    1:24:30 [LF] AlexMD (JA) vs Chill (SH)
    1:32:17 [GF] Myke (KA) vs Chill (SH)
    1:39:38 Closing Ceremony, Group Photo & Wrap-up w/ MadeMan and Toto

    Here are some photos and screen grabs from the day.

    Top 3: AlexMD, Myke, Chill

    ohn15-vf5fs-crowning.jpg ohn15-vf5fs-first.jpg
    Award Ceremony: 1st Place to Myke

    Award Ceremony: 2nd Place to Chill

    Award Ceremony: AlexMD was momentarily absent, so Eddie tries to claim 3rd Place!

    ohn15-vf5fs-group.jpg ohn15-vf5fs-group-pose.jpg
    Group photos on and off stream

    ohn15-vf5fs-baldie-shine.jpg ohn15-vf5fs-signing-out.jpg
    Commentary team blinded by the brilliant baldness, and eventually wrapping up another OHN!

    About OzHadou Nationals
    Australia's longest running fighting game tournament series over a weekend of the fiercest competition for all corners of the Fighting Game Community. OzHadou Nationals 15 took place on September 15th to 17th at the Hilton Sydney, located in the heart of Sydney's CBD. Last year saw over 600 attendees across over 15 different games and with a number of prolific titles on the way like Injustice 2 and Tekken 7, it was even bigger and better this year.

    If you're interested in seeing results or videos from the other games featured at OHN15, check out the official OzHadou Nationals 15 Results thread or the official OHN15 Playlist on YouTube.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 26, 2017.

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