Okay I am flying to London tomorrow

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Hyun, Oct 11, 2001.

  1. Hyun

    Hyun Well-Known Member

    During the day I will be flying out of Boston Logan, the airport approved by 9 out of 10 terrorists and arguably da safest airport in the world as of now.
    As I said I will drop by the London arcade and will attempt to tape some matches. When I reach London I am supposed to be in serious jet lag as it will be early morning locally when my body will tell me its midnight. But being a dork I probably would not be able to resist visiting the arcade without rest, against better judgment. Hope to run into some of you there.

    And this is what I found about the Paris arcade. . . Looks like La Tete dans les Nuages has two locations in Paris and the larger one is in Bd(Boulevard?) des Italiens (whereever the heck that is) I still maybe able to find it but I would appreciate if someone like Almaci can give me some better direction.

    That's all.
  2. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    We welcome you as US ambassador of Virtua Figher 4 and the first US Virtua Fighter student. I trust that your course will go well and that your standard of play will be sufficient to educate the US players and raise them to UK standards of play.

    Welcome to the UK, Welcome to Fight Club.

    "Rise to the challenge"
  3. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Hyun received the appropriate welcome and initiation into the UK VF4 scene.
    Hyun performed well and has qualified to become the first US member of the Dynamic League.
    No doubt he will be giving you all a detailed update shortly. He took photos and even a video.

    "Rise to the challenge"
  4. Hyun

    Hyun Well-Known Member

    Hey ya this is Hyun posting from Westrern Europe's cheapest Internet cafe.

    Thanks to Derrick, Jeffahn, Hatim, UKGuy and all the rest for their nice British hospitality. Well, Derrick is not exactly being accurate when he says that I did well. Needless to say when I first played the game I did poorly to say the least. (UKGuy in particular paved the asphalt with my poor beginner ass as I hopelessly tried in vain to use VF3 combos.) I started doing a little better and winning some matches as I played more. When the "heavies" like Ryan and Hatim showed up, I kinda sat back and watched/taped. Thanks to Jeffahn and others for sharing the tapingwork. This made me really happy to see that there IS a thriving VF4 scene in the western world, and made me itch more for a VF4 in Boston to develop our own VF4 comptive scene.

    I am not really doing justice to all the players and all that went on with this small post. But please bear with me and wait until I get back from the vacation. I should have several hours of video footage and many pictures to share, as well as longer commentaries. (Although it would be impractical to post them all, I will do my best to edit highlights.)

    Since the arcade is closed now anyway, I am off to do tourist stuff for now. But I will be back tonight and see you guys again and tape more footage.
  5. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    I will be eagerly waiting for your video footage. Since UK got their machine earlier, hopefully I can learn some things from them.
  6. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Hyun if you can send me NTSC VHS tapes of the matches it would be highly appreciated. I'll try and sort out PAL conversions etc for the boys.


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