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    I Don't know how to apply okizeme effecively.. can anyone help me?
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    Basically you guess high or low rising kick, then block and punish accordingly. This is at the most basic level, eg block high and high throw, block low and low throw ( or elbow or flipkick or a quick mid move ). Also you can use attacks that duck very low to MC high rising kicks, like lion's d/f+K+G or Sarah's d/f+K+G. Also hop attacks to MC/mC low risings, like Lion's u/f+P, b,d/f+P combo. In this example Lion anticipates low rising kick, hops it and hits with u/f +P, then b,d/f+P the low creeping poke on the bounce. Flat ground is needed I think to be stable. There are also options when the opponent does not rise with an attack. You can hit him out of his roll ( front roll is easiest, any low kick / flipkick oughta do it ) or attack him if he's rising on the spot without any roll or rising kick and force him to guess what level to block. Hope this gives you a start.

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