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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, May 15, 2000.

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    another quick jeffry question, sorry to take up your time

    when is the D+P+G ( groundpickup ) guarrented? i mean what attacks will it follow up. i'm no good with it's timming. i tend to get the normal pick-up (face up) after the B+G+P or the XPD

    by the way, i tend to follow it up with the hell stab (F+P+K) or the standing axe kick (B,F+K) if the opponent doen't dodge, you're ok. to me, the hell stab is better. you don't seem to have a lot of lag time. to be sure, i tend to dodge back after a pick up and then follow with a hell stab. my reactions aren't great so people who dodge usually get me!! the dodge back gives me time to think.

    also, when is the second pick-up (face down) guarrented? i can get it when i get a major counter with a D+K+G. i'm not sure what else works.

    i prefer this pick-up. facing an opponent with there back turned opens up a lot of psycology!! i've hit a lot of swinging sleepers from people who just go cold under the pressure!!
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    To quickly answer your question off the top of my head...

    - knee (timing required, can E first)
    - f+P+K
    - b+K (strict timing)
    - b,f,f+P+K
    - b+P
    - b,f+K
    - b,d/f+P,P
    - kenka upper (same notes as knee)

    - d/f,d/f+P+G
    - triple headbutt
    - b+P+G
    - d/f+P+K+G
    - d+P+K+G

    Let me know if I'm missing anything.

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    Guest Guest

    f+P+G; low back throw; high back throw; neck choke back throw (b+P+G); both side throws (although it's beyond easy to escape after both. low pounce is % 100 after arm break side throw, though).

    as for the head down pickup, the only time i've managed to get it is on sleeping opponents after his frontal backbreaker, and after dodging wolf's K+G and immediately going for the pickup.

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