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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Vicks Biru, Jan 14, 2000.

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    Ever wondered if the bgrounds in VF3tb were truley truley 3D or 2.5D? Well, my frds's just got a DC, and when VF3tb startd, in the middle of play, the camera zooms to the sky/ceiling and suddenly the two characters land far away from the ring. Some nice ones were the banner "Huangxiang Lou" of Pai's stage, the opposite island from Jeff's stage and Shun's distant raft, the small one. Of all, I think the best is the one where you fall beyond Aoi's wall. I tell you, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your opponent sliding down the slope on the river, and trying the limits to squeeze under the fence. And by the way, is ring out over the wall possible? Some walls seem so short - like Aoi's stage, and I try my ultimatum to get them out? Possible? No?

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    Walls are either full or short, full allows wall damage in combos( I think )/wall throws/no RO EVER, short stops you from walking out/no wall throw/keeps the opp nearer in floats ( I think )/ will allow RO when you float him or opp jumps/moonsaults.

    Aoi/Akira/Pai/Sarah - Full

    Kage/Jacky/Lion/Lau - Short

    Wolf/Shun/Taka/Jeffrey - None


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