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Online Off-topic moral vs.abare troll thread

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by TheWorstPlayer, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. tonyfamilia

    tonyfamilia Well-Known Member

    GT fucking pwned you AND your argument. Learn to take an L and keep it moving. You already fucking derailed this thread beyond recognition you attention-starved, bipolar, skitzo.
    That's right fucker, put me back on ignore... fuck man, tired of seeing you post here to talk about yourself.
    Enough is enough, shit.

    Sorry guys, I know I'm just feeding the troll but there should really be an option to block people out of certain threads.
  2. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member

    See BloodyShinta even the Dr knows a troll when he sees one!
    The only troll I made was to GT however; but meh.

    By the way Tony I never had you on ignore. When did I post about myself in this thread, YOU STARTED POSTING ABOUT ME, saying that I make excuses for losing. Please show me all these excuses. PLEASE. I was talking about the perspective of people that complain about online abare. Why? Because you were talking about people on here complaining about abare. These people who you've played mainly online. LEARN TO READ!

    I didn't talk about me until you tried to use what you thought about me to support your argument. Frankly I think I was the only who remained topical until you decided to call me the excuse maker when I was simply supporting another perspective; devils advocate if you will.
  3. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    This page of the thread can dead. Possibly the page before as well. New topic Please. One that's NOT ONLINE PLAY.
  4. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member


    Shush with the online vs offline talk you may just bring the wraith of Tony.
  5. Bloodyshinta

    Bloodyshinta Active Member

  6. MAtteoJHDY

    MAtteoJHDY Well-Known Member

    TWP you butthurt? GT must have touched a nerve...
  7. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    Lock this thread. TWP did exactly what he was aiming for. Now i see why he took Martial arts lessons.
  8. Gernburgs

    Gernburgs Well-Known Member

    All you ever post about is you, so the real question is: Why do you think anyone here gives fuck?
  9. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Yosha! Silver Supporter

    Just play the game [​IMG] it's actually pretty fun. Random move players are the bizness, randomness plus knowledge is like whoa (no sarcasm there). Learning to play against randomness is good for reaction time and doing your moves as soon as they can be done to (try to) win the exchange.

    I think some/lots of folks like to play people who do the options they "think" they should be doing. Kicking ass is one thing, getting all salty cause you can't throw someone because they keep attacking is lame. People seem to like to play people they can condition.

    Some cats may not go all out or go "auto pilot" and feel match was too easy, x person fell for this a few times (maybe they thought u would switch up?) but when you hold back, that's like going random imo. Your moves come out at unexpected times. So yea, when one switches up a lil or decides to go "auto pilot" during a session it will throw one off some or a lot.

    PS. Almost impossible throw random swinging people, lol.

    *Runs away*
  10. Seidon

    Seidon The God of Battle walks alongside me! Content Mgr El Blaze Gold Supporter

    The only time I have a problem with the way someone plays is if they clearly aren't learning.

    It makes the game really boring.
  11. tonyfamilia

    tonyfamilia Well-Known Member


    Nice post, Feaucha.

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