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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by clopin, Mar 6, 2000.

  1. clopin

    clopin Well-Known Member

    There is a new article on sf3s "option select" written on the new sf site, www.shoryuken.com by choiboy and omni. in this article, there is a credit to the vf community for coining the term "option select".

    however, i remember back to the first chicago tournament when i got a chance to met shota, and we had a conversation about vf and sf (since most of us started on sf before vf came out) and the communities in general. i remember him using the term option select and apologizing that the terminology was from sf roots. do i remember this correctly, shota?

    anyway, for useless trivia, i am wondering what the etymological history of option select is. i would be surprised if vf was the first community to coin it. also, out of interest, does anybody know which fighting game first implemented option select?

    // clopin
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  2. sta783

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    term option select and apologizing that the terminology was from sf roots. do i remember this correctly, shota?

    Quite frankly, I don't remember saying anything like that. **smile**
    Yes, I do recall us talking about SF, and you clopin were something to look up to, since I really got nowhere during my SF2 career.

    Let me make sure that you and I have the same definition of option select. To me, option select is one command input doubling as something else. An example of that would be Akira's Guard-Break in VF3, or his infamous G,d+P in VF2, which doubles as low-reversal and low-P.

    In that regard, most of the advanced defense techniques in VF3 are not option select. Let it be double-TE, attack-TE, we'd have to input two separate commands to achieve the result. Guard-TE is sort of blurry; but we still have to press PG AND release P, two separate commands. By the way, in Japan, they call all these defensive techniques as "Insurance".

    As a result, option select is in VF1, with Lau's b,f+P being one of the examples. Well, then, option select is also in original SF2, where Ryu's (or anyone's) Fierce possibly doubles as either throw or uppercut.

    Now as far as when online communities started using the term, RGVA community in VF2 era was for sure using it. As for the SF community, I remeber "option select" mentioned in SF3, referring to the parrying technique. That's about all I remember. I did not play VF1, so I don't know how people back then used to talk about Lau's b,f+P. I stopped monitoring SF stuff soon after the SF3, so my knowledge ends there too.

    Having said all that, I guess I'm contradicting myself on what I had said 3 years ago.... Long time ago indeed...I was still a student back then.
  3. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    I'll just say that the first time I *remember* hearing about option select was when Fighting Vipers came out. Bahn had a few option select tricks. Then it seemed that everyone was talking about it in VF2. I probably wasn't paying any attention.

    That said, prior to terminology being present I knew about moves doubling for other moves back in VF1: Jeff's uppercut selecting to a throw, Lau's elbow/throw..etc...

    funny thing: Sarah's ff+P would not option select to an elbow if your opponent crouched. You would get a standing jab. humph.


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