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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Chanchai, Feb 10, 2002.

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    For people in the Northwest or people that are going to be around the area next weekend. There's likely to be a good amount of VF action too if any interest is in it at all. You can bet I'm always up for the challenge. Anyways, here is the announcement:

    Event: "Just-A-Game Convention"

    When: Feb. 16, Saturday 10AM - Feb. 17, Sunday 7PM.
    *The event runs nonstop from Sat. 10AM - Sun. 7PM.

    Where: Corvallis, OR (Benton County Fairgrounds)

    What: A simple convention featuring all sorts of games and anime.
    CCGs, Role Playing Games, Board Games, Console Games, PC Games, South Park Pinball, An area for watching anime, etc...
    People are welcome to bring sleeping bags if they want to stay the night there.

    Admission: $3 one day, $5 both days.

    There will be a lot of free play as well as tournament play at the
    event. If you plan to go and want to suggest a booth, let me know so
    I can try to assist in setting that up. Whether you want to display your game collection, have a unique game you want to show off, etc... Let me know and it can be arranged pretty much for free, given access to equipment.

    I will be running a VOOT booth there. I plan to have about 3 DCs at
    the event, two for VOOT, one for general DC gaming.

    Someone also plans to bring a PS2 with TTT (I wish it was modded so I
    could get someone to bring VF4 from Portland). There will be a TTT tournament there too.

    Corvallis is about 75 minutes south of Portland. There's a Greyhound
    stop here and a train stop in Albany.


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