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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by BK__, May 14, 2002.

  1. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    well, i finally decided to get off my back-side and wip up some fan art. it's based on VF2 since i had no pictures at all to go by (IMO her best costume anywayz), tell me what ya'll think..

    <a target="_blank" href=>Full colour version</a>
    <a target="_blank" href=>Bluescale version</a>
    <a target="_blank" href=>Greenscale version</a>

    enjoy... ^_^
  2. CainMarko

    CainMarko Member

    Pretty cool sletches, I think her white outfit in VF3 was the best though.
  3. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    yeah, cheerz,.. i saw your art too, niceley done with line drawing, my pai is'nt at it's best since i only had about 2 hours to think up the pose, draw & colour so i was kindda rushed..

    it's nice to see some good fanart comming about lately.
  4. RIZ

    RIZ Well-Known Member

    You are very talented, that is for sure. Keep it up.
  5. redhead

    redhead Well-Known Member

    your pai fan art is cool,keep it up
  6. pai_man

    pai_man New Member

    Excellent is all I can say..........Excellent! [image]virtuafighter/versus/avatars/5046.jpg[/image]
  7. Ura_Bahn

    Ura_Bahn Well-Known Member

    You think thats hot check my stuff at VFFA page 3. Its under the name Ura_Bahn, click link below

    Ura's Fan Art Stuff
  8. kamen

    kamen Well-Known Member

    From the site of TOUGEKI to an extract
    It was carried out on December 14. The pattern of a primary of TOUGEKI. Hot at eight stores fighting was developed this week. First, it is the convention of twin star JIOSUSEGA (Tokyo) after all. The metropolitan area famous player concentrated in a body, and became deployment beyond the level of a store primary. The maximum attention is a "Virtua God" CHIBITA team (SEGARU / Tokyo MEGANE
    ) which knows even the player and others of other genres. Although the piece was advanced to the final by overwhelming strength, HAKUSHONRAU barred before them! Consequently, 3 TATE was attained in the final and the Shizuoka tea meeting (2000 years old of Goro, HANABI) obtained the championship. Such a situation is the sign that it is also likely to continue from now on.

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