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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Bronze Parrot, Oct 31, 2001.

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    >IIRC, someone is trying a Pai FAQ; I think I'm gonna email him/her ...

    To Rolander:

    As you may know, I'm the "someone" who's lifelessly writing the VF4 Pai guide, and I'm looking for:
    - Pai strategies and combos, from Pai players.
    - Anti-Pai strategies and combos, from Pai and non-Pai players.
    - Descriptions of Pai's poses and quotes before, during, and after a match.
    - Descriptions of Pai's VF.NET items (accessories).
    - Voice actor list of Virtua Fighter 4.

    Though VF4 machines haven't spawned all over North America, I hope VFDC users are collecting, compiling, and editing the chara-specific materiel posted in VFDC, and preparing VF4 chara guides. Incidentally, I'll not mind if the writers of other VF4 chara guides borrow the layout of the VF4 Pai guide.

    Unlike the Tekken 4 chara guide I also wrote, I can't ask the writers of other VF4 chara guides for their Pai and anti-Pai strategies and combos because AFAIK there just aren't other VF4 chara guides yet, not even by the Singaporeans. (-_-#)

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