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Pai's Punishment List

Discussion in 'Pai' started by BlueLink, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. BlueLink

    BlueLink Well-Known Member

    Moves for punishing opponents:


    [P] 11 damage, +5 advantage, it is a high attack
    [P][K][2] 31 damage, goes into Bokutai, those are high attacks

    3[P][+][K] 25 damage, +2 advantage

    [6][4][P][P] 35 damage, +4 advantage, first hit is a high attack

    [6][P] 20 damage, +3 advantage
    [4][4][P] 17 damage, +3 advantage, recovers Back Turned, it is a high attack
    [K] 25 damage, launcher, it is a high
    [9][K][K] 40 damage, knockdown

    [6][P][+][K][3]or[9] [P][+][K][+][G] 18 damage, goes into Hakkeshou
    [ws][K] 33 damage, knockdown

    [6][K][P] 29 damage, -4 advantage but has follow-ups
    [2_][3][P][+][K] 25 damage, +4 advantage
    [ws][P][+][K] 25 damage, +4 advantage, recovers Back Turned
    [ws][P][+][K][P] 46 damage, knockdown

    [4][6][6][P][+][K] 37 damage, knockdown
    [3][K][+][G] 27 damage, launcher
    [6][6][K][P] 41 damage, launcher, first hit is a high attack
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  2. Sozos

    Sozos Pai Sucksan Content Manager Pai

    Bluelink, thx man
    Now we can write down which are the best ways to punish some moves .

    +10= Throws ofc
    +11,12 and 13 = Punish with [P][K] bokutai for better mix up game, also [3][P][+][K] is good if your opponent has the wall to his back(close to the wall) Recover counter,staggering and wall combo opportunity.[6][4][P][P] is good only in some specific circumstances, for example if you have the wall in your side and little diagonally( watch my video with wallsplats, at 00:35 ).
    +15= Best punish is ofc [K] launcher, (against Taka the best punish at +15 is [P][P][K][K] natural string).
    +16(most of sweeps)= [9][K][K] or WS[K] for a guaranteed punish, also low throws but are not guaranteed
    +17,18= [3][K][+][G] launcher against lows or high,mids moves that leaves you at +18, also you can punish with [6][6][K][P] against high,mid moves that you leaves you at +17 or +18 or more ( Taka's [3][3][P][+][K] for example ). Also [6][6][K][P] is the best punish against jacky's flipkick and also good for make an easy RingOut .

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