Pal VF3tb on NTSC machine.

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by uk-guy, Nov 4, 1999.

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    I've played the 50hz PAL VF3tb via disc swap on an NTSC machine and there were some interesting results. Firstly the game runs faster than the JAP or US versions !! The intro speed is phenomenal, just witness the execution of Akira's DLC around 20% faster than usual.

    The extra speed also makes it hard to pull of some moves. For example when in practise mode I had trouble doing shinsodan DP (SCB or SCF, f,d,d/f+P) because the roll is so quick that you have to inputt the DP VERY quickly. Also d+K+G into running slide on flat ground is much harder.

    Sadly when you start playing the arcade mode the game starts to slow down on some stages. When I was playing CPU Taka on his stage the game ran quickly (faster than the NTSC 60fps) but this was not the case on all the satges. For example playing on Wolf's stage caused immense slow-down, it was like fighting in treacle. Weird because I consider the sand stage less 'taxing' on the DC hardware.

    Having said that games like Hydro Thunder and Ready 2 Rumble ran brilliantly and I think as good or better than their NTSC counterparts. I forgot to boost the PAL games onto 60hz (some PAL games have a 50/60hz software switch y'see) to see the results.

    I only had the chance to experiment for around 30 minutes but next time I'll see if what the VS battle is like. For now though I reckon it's worth getting a PAL VF3tb just to see Akira do that viciously fast DLC in the intro ;)


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