Personal Favorite Combos?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Noman, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Noman

    Noman Member

    Alright, my first post on the VFDC forums, lets make it a semi-interesting one.
    People, what are your favorite combos? They dont have to be the most damaging ones or the ones leaving you in the best position for okizeme. They could be those combos that make you wanna smile at your opponent, in that "oh you got owned!!!" look.

    A favorite of mine is doing Lei Fei IN d+k, k+g. I do it from time to time instead of the long damaging one and ask my opponent "Did that hurt?"...

    Post yours now...
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    I personally like Lei's longer version of that combo "[IN]d+K - [DM]K - [IN]d+P+K+G - [DM]P, P+K - uf+K+G - df+K"

    Though [IN]d+K is really hard to connect cause they all duck or dodge nowadays. Thats when the dance fakes and other choices start coming in. Its really fun when you start playing mind games.. sometimes it feels like your head is going to explode from the options and fakes.

    [IN] stance auto-reversal is my fav, especially multiples. Lei's sabaki attacks are also cool too.

    The more fun moves are actually not moves at all. Fakes and stance dancing is where its at. Its really, really hard to connect moves executed straight out against the local comp here. Need to do some really tricky and unorthodox stance switches to mix it up before they'll eat a [IN]d+K or [TG]P or [DM]P+K.

    So if the rare occasion comes when the [IN]d+K connects I make sure it counts.

    Also don't use the [IN]d+K too much.. or don't abuse Lei's stuff too much... They'll adapt to it much quicker if you abuse so it becomes quite a struggle later on. Which is fun as well.
  3. MrWhite

    MrWhite Well-Known Member

    See Akira's first combo in the <a target="_blank" href=>Super Floats</a> thread.
  4. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    ShRm, P, ShRm, m-DblPalm
    ShRm, P, DLC
    StPalm, P, m-DblPalm
    Low kick reversal (knocking opponent into wall), BC

    b,df+P (krumble), Low throw
    b,df+P, d+P, f+K, F+K,K

    f,d+K, df,df+P, P,b+P, P (if they don't TR/QR)

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