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  1. jason_krueger

    jason_krueger Member

    Hi to all,

    I am a traditional Tekken player who has grown up on the series since its first incarnation, but have decided to go back to good old VF after the latest Tekken, well ... it falls a little low of expectations.

    Before I start another Tekken v. VF thread (on my first post, too!), the question that I have to all PAL PS2 owners who are playing an import version of VF4, HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS DO IT?

    I use the knife-swap method, and import games run strangely on my PAL PS2. Sure, they run in full colour, because my TV definitely supports NTSC input, but the whole screen is pushed up, leaving a thick black border at the bottom, and one hell of an ugly widescreen effect.

    Anyone know how to get around this?

    PS. Any tips you guys might have for a player making the painful conversion between games, it would be great if you could post them up!
  2. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

  3. jason_krueger

    jason_krueger Member

    Oh, I'm sorry.

    What are you, the resident a**hole or something? You think because this is my first post that I have to put up with your s***?

    No, no, no. That's not really constructive of me, now is it? How should we go about remedying the problem? Maybe, I should just pick up all of my s*** and move to wherever the hell it is that you live JUST so I can enjoy an NTSC PS2.

    Then again, maybe not.

    I can't make it any clearer to you. If you don't want to help me out, then get f***ed or don't reply.

    My apologies to the rest of the forum.
  4. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    hey slick, I live in europe(Denmark) as well, and I still get import games, only loosers would ever buy PAL games or consoles.
  5. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    *waits for Mirkan to reply*

  6. Mirkan

    Mirkan Well-Known Member

    Don't mind Chucky, he's just a general asshole...

    About that game then. It sounds to me that you've either converted the game to PAL with some ISO converter, or you're not booting it up with the right tools.

    What cd do you use to swap the game? The import player or the AR2/GS2? If you do use the AR2/GS2, make sure the version is correct.

    The border simply implies that you're in fact running the NTSC version with a PAL signal.. Let me know how things develop.
  7. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    If your import games look messed up on your PAL PS2, you should propably just wait for the PAL version of VF4. It's propably coming out mid march. Sega usually makes VERY good PAL conversions (I can only think of three bad DC PAL conversions, Sega Rally 2, VF3tb, and Skies of Arcadia). Rez has a 60hz option and so has PAL VF4 (was mentioned in Edge magazine), so the game will play exactly like the jp. version, except that you'll know what you are doing in AI, trial, and character edit mode /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Oh and don't mind chucky, he has some trouble with his parents (broke contact with him around new year, if I understood his mother correctly), so he has been even more annoying than before. Not that he had anything constructive to add to this forum before that...
  8. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    who the fuck are you??
  9. jason_krueger

    jason_krueger Member

    Thanks to both of you guys for your helpful responses.

    Firstly, I've got the import version of VF4, and as far as I know, it hasn't been patched or modified to run on a PAL TV, or anything like that. I've been recommended a PAL converter or booster, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to go out and buy yet ANOTHER accessory for my PS2.

    Secondly, I haven't played too many Sega games aside from those I played back in the true "Golden Age" of gaming, ie. the Master System, so I am only used to very half-assed conversions by Namco and Capcom. And come on, be realistic ... it's as if I could wait to get my hands on VF4!

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply, guys.
  10. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    if you had checked my profile or would actually read the PMs I sent you...
    I'm Hauke (somewhat scrubby Aoi and Lion player). You borrowed a couple of my DC games last october. WHen I mailed you to ask back for them you told me that they had been stolen at a gaming meeting, but that you would replace them. We mailed a bit and suddenly you stopped replying to my mails. I contacted some of your family to get in contact with you but no luck.
  11. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    lol hey hva så?? har du prøvet at PM' mig?? jeg har ikke fået nogen PM's i et år eller sådan noget ligende, det må være i stykker eller noget, og ja jeg har fået en ny mail, da hotmail sutter røv, og jeg har faktisk ikke snakket med min far i ret lang tid.! men ja jeg kan da godt huske jeg lånte nogle spil, hvad var det lige for nogen igen?? har du btw. mit nye nummer??
  12. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    Sören, hej!
    Problemet er hat jeg ikke kunne faa fat i dig paa nogen som helst maade.
    Jeg kalder dig op paa ICQ nu. Mit handle der er Kotone.
  13. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    thats Sidney sport!/versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  14. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    virker dit ICQ heller ikke?
  15. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    sure, sad lige og snakkede med mirkan før.
  16. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Welcome. Use the search option to look up older threads regarding the shift from Tekken to VF, even the Tekken Vs VF ones as there will probably be some information there too. Which character do you use?

    Every character has some sort of following here and if you're specific someone will give you their opinions accordingly. Also, there are Dojo's for some of the characters on the main page that give some helpful insights into their chosen character (though take them with a pinch of salt as you may disagree with them to a degree.)

    Happy hunting.
  17. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    maaske har du smidtmig paa din ignore liste.
    Giv mig lige dit nye telefonnummer.
  18. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    one sec then..
  19. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    min ICQ er 37751994
  20. jason_krueger

    jason_krueger Member

    Back when I used to be an eleven-year-old playing VF2 at the local arcade (when I was supposedly at the library across the street), I used to use Sarah and Pai.

    The wrestlers were too slow for my liking (although it would seem that they are much, much stronger than I thought, especially Wolf), and Shun/Akira too complex. Traditionally, I like to avoid characters which I think are too easy to rack up wins with, such as Jacky and Lau (which is not to say that these characters cannot be played beyond the level of scrubs, but I just like to be different, and I like proving that scrubs CAN be beaten by other scrubs like me!).

    This is obviously the question of a real Tekken player, but does anyone know where I can find some universal frame data? Things like the frames of advantage and disadvantage after hitting/missing/blocking/major countering certain basic moves such as the low punch?

    Any replies would be great, and thanks for the welcome, Adio.

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