Playing with 2 kumite players?

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by pearl, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. pearl

    pearl Member

    How do you play two player and gete it so both players can pick thier kumite charecters? I can pick my charecter off of the first memory card player but my friend can't pick his because it says that it can't find it on the second memory car. But why dosn't it check on the first memory card? is there anyway to use two kumite players from the same card?

    Please help.
  2. solfizz

    solfizz Well-Known Member

    you know what, i believe this will work:

    1. have player1 choose his Kumite character - load him/her up
    2. remove the memory card from slot1 and put it into slot2
    3. have player2 choose whatever character from the card now inserted into the second memory card port
  3. Lucky_GT

    Lucky_GT Well-Known Member

    It works I've already tried it but It takes a little time you also have to do it to save.
  4. Bronzefist

    Bronzefist Member

    Yeah this is a real pain in the butt. I dont know why you have to go through the trouble of switiching memory cards in order to play against a friend's Kumite character. BIG mistake on Sega's part, IMHO.

  5. pearl

    pearl Member

    Wow thats sucks! I guess I found the one problem with this game.
  6. BentLee

    BentLee Member

    Did Sega think that everyown that plays VF4 is gonna have their own memory card? Come on now...
  7. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    If you both have your own mem card, then you can load up both characters at the same time and it's much quicker. Yes, I think Sega did assume that each player would have their own mem card. It's suppose to be a simulation of the VFnet arcade experience in Japan.
  8. Fly_Lei_Fei

    Fly_Lei_Fei Member

    There is one more problem that I found irritating. There seems to be alot of confusion about how to pronounce some of the characters names. Some don't really care, but if I'm going to be spending hundreds of hours with these characters I'd like to know their proper pronunciation. This could have been easily fixed by having that sexy female voice say their names during character selection. A concept used way back in the Mortal Kombat era. A simple yet seemingly major overlook.

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