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Discussion in 'General' started by ice-9, Jun 20, 2000.

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    I feel like I've gotten my Ayane to a competitive level, and now I'm trying to learn Tina. She...definitely doesn't seem like an easy character to use! In fact, I'd go so far to say that she probably requires a skillful player to be really dangerous.

    As everyone knows, Tina's considered a throwing character. The problem is it's quite difficult to throw opponents (especially the faster ones) with Tina. All her fast moves push the opponent out of throwing range--I'm primarily thinking about f+P / f+P,P and sidekick. I've been using two moves to get within throwing range of the opponent: f,f+P / f,f+P,P and P,P. Other than that, it's VF styled Ps, d+Ps, and CDPs. There must be an easier way for Tina to throw that I'm missing! Or maybe I'm just trying to throw too much with her...right now, I'm going for 60% throw, 30% attack, and 10% reversal.

    Tina's saving grace, fortunately, is her incredibly useful catch throw b,f+S+P. It's a very useful move, and it's quite easy to time the HCF+S+P so that the whole link is seamless and difficult to break out of.

    The CPU is actually very interesting against Tina. A LOT of crouch dashing, low reversals, and crouches to avoid my high throws. It got to the point where after an opponent is staggered I would go 70% high and 30% low throw. Boy am I glad Tina has a 70 pt damage low throw! Speaking of which, I really don't see the point of going for Tina's two other multi-link throws that are both breakable and take less damage than her d/f,d/f+S+P. The CDing part is even more useful considering that if you see the opponent is standing, you could immediately opt to go into f,b+S+P to get her 80 pt throw. So what's the point with even including those two other low throws? Anyone? It's little quirks like these that make me wonder what Tecmo is thinking...I'm almost willing to bet that they originally planned to make throws and low throws escapable, hence the variety.

  2. ice-9

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    Actually, after playing her again, I've realized that her f+P,P IS quite useful. It's fast and it staggers and sets up a nice flow chart of u/f+P,K or CD throw/attack.

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    Re: Throwing in DoA2

    The problem is it's quite difficult to throw opponents (especially the faster ones) with Tina.

    When I first started playing, I found it hard to throw anyone no matter which character I used. The main reason for this was that my opponents never DH'd out of a critical stun, they mashed too often, and they were immune to any sort of conditioning (don't you hate that about newbies?). As such, they'd just be repeatedly staggered and combo'd until death. But the times I would try to throw offensively, it usually back fired on me and I'd be hi countered.. oops.

    So what I noticed was that DoA2 lacked many throw counterable situations since my opponents rarely used the big moves. Even after successfully blocking a rising attack, I found I couldn't throw them, and again, I would get hi countered. Breaking the VF3 habits were hard at first, I was wishing DoA2 had stop animations, more throw counterable situations, and generally more reward for successful blocking. But eventually I was beginning to realise that blocking wasn't the key to reaping rewards, this was touched on in another thread (VF3 being more defensive, DoA2 offensive), and I found that I could enjoy the game more.

    I used to be bitter that there were no command escape throws too, but when you consider the lack of throw counterable situations (i.e. free throw opportunities) it becomes a little more acceptable for me, since I'd only usually enter command throw escapes during a throw counterable situation. Anyway, the opportune times to throw in DoA2 (which was the point to my post I think) are created by conditioning your opponent into DH'ing out of critical stuns. But that's assuming you're playing against people who at least know that they can do that :) Secondary to that are all the VF throwing strategies -- brain freezing opponent, funky delayed canned combos, PG->throw, etc -- work as well, but again, highly depends on the type of opponent you're up against, much like in VF.

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    Re: Throwing in DoA2

    Oh, I definitely do that with Gen Fu, Hayabusa and Ayane to a lesser degree. It's only a little more difficult with Tina because she is so much more dependent on reversals than her attacks for defense. I.e., she doesn't have very many tools to condition the opponent to block with. It can actually be quite frustrating playing with her as her moves can be quite slow to hit save for her Ps and f+P.

    Ah well, I'm sure I'm just complaining without that much proper cause. She CAN be quite strong...and I'm eager to test her against Rulakir and Acel. /images/icons/wink.gif


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