Please help out a newbie, trouble with trial 5b

Discussion in 'Console' started by AciDShOrT, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. AciDShOrT

    AciDShOrT Member

    Hi, i just picked up the game today, and i can't get past the 5th trial. I don't understand the timing to input all three buttens, and i only randomly move to the side every once and a while. Can someone help me out? Thanks so much.
  2. Bu_Jessoom

    Bu_Jessoom Well-Known Member

    This has been talked about in Creed's (And some others i think) <a target="_blank" href=> PS2 VF4 Trial Mode -Translations (Part1) </a> Thread. And here is what it said:

    5A: Struggle out of staggers. Jacky does a puntkick, which staggers you. You must struggle hard enough to recover and block the next puntkick. Do it three times. Probably the easiest struggle situation in the game.

    5B: A little tougher, but still easy: Use struggling techniques to roll out of Akira's pounce after he connects his dodge attack. For effortless success just hold down on the stick and keep tapping guard.

    The way I did it, I just struggled by pressing all buttons and wiggling the stick before I hit the ground and stop just as you are laying there. Afterwards, just hold up or down, then press Guard many times to roll out of the way.
  3. gamesmaster1_2be

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    on 60hz, it gets a lot more difficult.
    tap (VERY QUICKLY) p,g,g,p,g continuously, for a faster get up.

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