Please SEGA AM2 do not commit this same mistake

Discussion in 'General' started by Adamay, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    Please SEGA do not commit the same mistake Capcom and Toei Tecmo did with Street Fighter 5 and Dead or Alive 6 releasing an unfinished product with tons of payed DLCs! Do it different SEGA! The correct way.

  2. ICHIBANin10000

    ICHIBANin10000 Active Member

    Dude, wake the fuck up. Sega has been selling unfinished products since 1995. Their arcade ports are notorious for lacking modes. Console VF5 Final Showdown was the exact same thing: an unfinished product . You had to pay $30 to get all the dlc costumes and that weak excuse for a quest mode: special sparring mode. Customizable intro sequences? Cut from the game. Same with Knockdown Trials.

    I get it ; 70 % of gamers are kids with no jobs, so they protest getting charged for dlc. Some of us are adults who can afford to pay for their hobby and don't mind. PC games have been selling Expansion pack content to their games since the mid 1990's. The only difference is they were sold at retail on CDs.

    Sorry to rain on your parade but as we move from HD gaming to 4K gaming, development costs are going to skyrocket and this trend is going to continue. Sega couldn't be arsed to add subtitles to Japanese characters' dialog. I wouldn't accuse developers who actually add subtitles, claiming they are releasing unfinished products.
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  3. IcKY99

    IcKY99 Well-Known Member

    This dude gets it.
    The devs really could care less about including every feature on the shipped game disc because they have to bend to the will of the publisher and their investors and their allotted budget, if that means skipping features to cut costs and dev time, they will do it

    at this point if you want to tell the dev you dont like it you need to speak with your wallet and just not buy the game or dlc, and if you HAVE to buy it get it from a 2nd hand source
  4. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    No this is 100% wrong. They have to bend to the will of the consumers! DOn't buy shit that you don't support especially business practices that you want to see die. Give me a fully priced game and I'll buy it but don't' charge me 1000$ in dlc like DOA5 did and expect me to come back for more next time.

    This is not okay and we do not need to shill for the dev's of games we like. Call them out on this bull shit. If FG's go this route I'll just stop playing and buying new fighting games until it stops. I like these games but not enough to support a BS business practice. There are other ways they can make money without this crap
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  5. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I will admit, you all make some good points here.

    @Tricky Good points.

    @Tricky Despite being in game dev stuff, for a while now,
    and being a gamer myself, I definitely agree with you, on what you said there.

    And concerning that $1000 plus dollars, for all of those numerous
    DOA5 dlc things,........costumes, accessories, etc,......
    "though it was really a choice, for gamers to buy it or not,"
    it was really ridiculous.:ROTFL:
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  6. IcKY99

    IcKY99 Well-Known Member

    Trickster how am I wrong but you literally just repeated what i said .....
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  7. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    When you agreed with the quoted poster I took that to mean you agreed with his point. He, as I read it, is saying this behavior is acceptable. I am glad to hear you are not actually agreeing with him. i was worried for you bro.
  8. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    Totally a choice that apparently a lot of folks bought. Just imagine the old days when all those costumes would have just been in the BASE GAME. It's not secret that devs are taking what used to be included in games and saving it for DLC to sell later now. I get it and understand why it's happening but I still dont like the change. It's making me not want to play games that use that system anymore.
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  9. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Yep. I miss those days too.
    And I remember, when we use to get, near to fully made games, where you unlock costumes, stages, characters and stuff. And after playing the game and unlocking everything, you would then wish, that something called dlc, was a thing back then. So you could get, more things to unlock and more stuff to do.

    Yeah. Those game companies for the last decade or so, have
    been getting way to smart, when it comes to making extra money.
    And unfortunately, some gamers and "so called follow the trend lovers,"
    are seemingly defending this practice too.

    I don't blame ya at all. It is quite a turn off.:oops:

    I think that's why alot of gamers, myself too, have kinda stopped buying
    games, for years now. Moreso fighting games.:oops:
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