Portland VF4(b) Tournament - June 1st, 2002

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    The second Portland VF4 Version B Tournament will be held this coming Saturday at Lloyd Center Tilt.

    Where: Tilt Arcade @ Lloyd Center Mall
    When: Saturday June 1st, 2002
    Signup & Practice: Noon
    Rules: Most likely to be the same as the first Portland Tournament rules.
    Tournament Run and Moderated by: Rayblade X
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    Results: Portland VF4(b) Tournament - June 1st, 2002

    Here are the complete results to the Second Lloyd Center VF4(b) Tournament that took place on June 1st, 2002.

    1st Place: Rayblade X (Vanessa, Lei Fei)

    2nd Place: Jason Dolor (Wolf, Jeffry, Lion)

    3rd Place: Dan Rothert (Akira)

    4th Place: Kamata (Akira)

    5th Place:
    -Marcus Burkhalter (Lau)
    -Dennis Harris (Akira, Pai)

    7th Place:
    -Nick Halliday (Vanessa, Pai(?))
    -Hollis Wright (Sarah)

    9th Place:
    -Phongsack Vongsoury (Akira,Lau)
    -Bryan "SoftwareEtceteraGuy" (Sarah)
    -Jetay Johnson(?) (Lau)

    Thanks to Kamata and Rayblade X for passing the results to me. I wish I could have played in this tournament, but there was just too much programming and homework to be done.


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