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Discussion in 'Joysticks and Other Controllers' started by DomAug, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. DomAug

    DomAug Well-Known Member

    a nice little thread to show off our sticks and pads.

    here's one i just got done building: "The Black Box"


    -- Akishop PS360+ PCB
    -- Kaimana LED PCB Controller with Kaimana J LEDs
    -- Aluminum black shaft cover and dustwasher
    -- Sanwa black ball top
    -- Sanwa JLF stick
    -- Jyueeang 30 mm buttons (aka Quartz buttons)
    -- Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons (black) on the side
    -- Neutrik RJ45 pass-through
    -- TankStick case
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  2. PurpGuy

    PurpGuy Well-Known Member

    What a lonely thread!

    Here is an in-progress pic I took while I was making it:


    It's a design I made myself in Photoshop, along with a Sanwa JLF stick, blue ball top, and blue Sanwa buttons with the transparent tops so you can stick the cut-out parts of the image into them. It also has the dust cover with the little directional arrows pattern, which is pretty swag.

    Here is the completed stick:


    BTW don't leave them near a window, the bottom right corner turned yellowish over time. You can clearly see this in the second pic. It probably wouldn't hurt to run a Q-Tip through the bevel, either
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  3. DomAug

    DomAug Well-Known Member

    i really like that. good stuff!
  4. RayBlade

    RayBlade Well-Known Member

    Recently updated the Fighting Edge ~

    Attached Files:

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  5. oneida

    oneida Long Arm of the Lau Silver Supporter

    ol yeller

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  6. smbhax

    smbhax Member

    Those are great! ^_^ Here is my simple little one : ) :

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  7. oneida

    oneida Long Arm of the Lau Silver Supporter

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  8. ShadowBoy

    ShadowBoy Member

    Hey Oneida,
    I've recently bought (shipped but not recieved yet) the same Tekken 7 stick. I have some questions.

    1) I'd like to change the artwork and was wondering it could be done relatively easily? Looks like the top panel can be removed with an allen key, so I'd like what might be required for custom art.

    2) Is the menu (?) button (the one on the right with the cover) a standard 24mm that can be used with sanwa buttons?

    I've never modded a stick before. Changing the buttons, balltop and resticter gate shouldn't be an issue for me, but changing the artwork for this stick, I can't tell. I can't find enough info on this stick.

    While the current art is nice, I'm not a fan of Tekken, hence why I'd like to change it.
    (Without destroying the Tekken 7 art or panel).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Catch22

    Catch22 Well-Known Member

    Blasphemy! Virtua Stick button color scheme on a Tekken 7 stick?!?!?
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  10. Citrus

    Citrus Well-Known Member

    I threw up, you could have told us it was nsfw
  11. Lygophilia

    Lygophilia Well-Known Member

    IMG_20190528_171028840 (1) (2) - Copy.jpg

    This is the 8bitdo N30 arcade stick. Unfortunately, I had an accident with my PS3 version stick, lol.
  12. Lygophilia

    Lygophilia Well-Known Member

  13. Jordan Davies

    Jordan Davies New Member

    Two built from scratch for me and my bro in law, we wanted sticks with virtua fighter on the front, amazing what you can learn on YouTube :D
    (Cut the picture on the red one back to front without realizing, hence why its different to the other one, need to change lol)
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  14. PsychoFingers

    PsychoFingers Member

    Mostly stock TES+ except the screws (I stripped one so had to replace the lot), added a carbon fiber wrap, the removable Phreakmods Link shaft, and different balltop and 3 different buttons for PKG of course!

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