Prima and Other strategy guide...which one?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by ice-9, Nov 9, 1999.

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    I was at Babbages earlier today to pick up Toy Commander, Speed Devils, and inquire about NBA2K. Surprise surprise, Prima Guide's and Brady Games' VF3tb attempts were there.

    I took a quick browse through each of them. Both books are definitely geared towards the Step 1 player, although the Brady Games version claimed otherwise ("The resource to be as good as the pros" -- heh heh).

    For Step 1 players learning the game, I actually encourage all of you to pick up a copy of either guide. The reason for this is that learning the moves really becomes easier when you have pictures to help you visualize and associate the button inputs with.

    As for which of the two is "better", I would probably recommend the Brady version over the Prima "official" guide. There are two main reasons.

    First, Prima committed a major mistake by listing the moves according to a Dreamcast controller. So instead of P+G it might be Y+X instead (or whatever, I don't really know). This is highly inconvenient for those that do not plan to play with a Dreamcast controller or the joypad format (which I hope pertains to all of you here!!!).

    Second, the Brady Games version actually used lingo from the internet. Small things like the way they spell SPoD, how they describe escapes, etc. This ties the readers closer to the VF internet community, which is what I believe where all up and coming VF players should eventually end up communicating with. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    However, be forewarned that these guides are only useful as an illustrated movelist. The descriptions on the VF system are inaccurate, the "strategies" written are basically useless and much too vague, and there really is nothing "concrete" in either magazine.

    So buy one of the two books to learn the moves, and come back here to learn how use them. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Re: Prima and Brady strategy guide...which one?

    that last sentence seemed really, really well said, i dont know why, but it did
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    Re: Prima and Brady strategy guide...which one?

    Ice-9 said ::So buy one of the two books to learn the moves, and come back here to learn how use them.::

    Just be alert to something I said in a previous thread -- there are quite a few errors on the move list. This could be frustrating to a beginner who tries and tries to make a move come out that just won't, because he is using the wrong inputs, or the move isn't even in the game. So I would just like to supplement ice-9's comment by saying that if you get the guide and can't make a move work, come here and find out why. Some helpful veteran will probably be able to assist you.

    Regards, Imashroom
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    Virtua Project...Better?

    Wouldn't it be better to just print the moves on the Virtua Project, or do you really recommened these guides?
  5. ice-9

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    Re: Virtua Project...Better?

    Like I said, the main advantage is that you'll be able to associate what the move looks like with the button inputs.

    For visual people, this is a great help.

    However, if you have no problems learning moves, then there's not much added value. It depends on the person.

    ice-9 | Sennin

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