PS 2 AI System. How to train AI?

Discussion in 'Console' started by furyhawk, Mar 24, 2002.

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    I even had difficulties teaching them how to block correctly and counter attack. Float combo ............ How to say yes or no in Kumite mode??
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    Okay, here are some observations I've made while training AI characters.

    First, pick a character you know intimately. It just makes sense. If you don't play that character well, you won't know how to train or give proper advice to them.

    Second, go to AI sparring mode. Teach your character it's movelist. One thing I've learned is to only teach them useful moves. If you teach them the entire movelist, they seem to like pulling out hopping attacks and such at inappropriate times. Teach your character some flowchart options. For example, with Sarah do PG -> throw, PG -> elbow to knee or chop, PG -> elbow -> throw and so on.... Try to teach them some float combos... it may take several tries for them to get it right. Unfortunately, they rarely seem to be able to do float combos correctly in a real match.

    Now, go to Kumite or VS mode. Press the select button and choose your AI character from the list. The match will begin. There will be a circular window underneath your character. At random times during the match, the word "Play" will appear in the box. Press <font color=red>X</font color=red> to tell your character not to do that again, and press <font color=red>O</font color=red> to pat them on the head and give them a <font color=yellow>Scooby Snack</font color=yellow>. You can't give them advice unless "Play" is displayed. Pressing the buttons at any other time won't do anything.

    For the first 10-15 matches or so the AI will be really bad. I think they learn to block moves as they go, so if they haven't fought a certain character yet they won't know how to block their moves. Watch you character carefully. If they correctly counter a move, watch for the "Play" message and reward them by pressing <font color=red>O</font color=red>.
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    thread moved

    Thread moved.

    Just for the 124931297124th time, PS2 related questions belong in the Q&A board.

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