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PS Store Double Discounts Sale - VF5US & DLC Pack

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 15, 2021.

By akai on Sep 15, 2021 at 4:47 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    If you missed out on the free game offer of VF5US to PlayStation Plus subscribers, the game bundled with the Legendary Pack is available for a discount until the end of September. This is part of the PlayStation Plus Double Discounts Promotion.

    $29.99 - Regular Price for bundle.
    $22.49 - 25% Discount for non-PlaSstation Plus Subscribers
    $14.99 - 50% Discount for PlayStation Plus Subscribers (online play requires subscription to PS+)

    This is confirmed for the United States PlayStation Store, it is unclear if other regions have this sale.

    Edit: Confirmed for Japan and Europe also.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 15, 2021.

    1. Zaibatsu
      I can confirm that also in EU the discount is active. You can buy Game+DLC at 14,99€ (if you are a PLUS member) or 22,49€ (if you aren't a PLUS member)
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    2. RawrCookie
      For the content VF5US bundle had, it should not be more than 14.99-19.99$ originally already when it got released to be honest.

      I guess Europe shall not have identical number price as US PSN store due to different currency values. 22.49€ is 26.37$ in dollars not 22.49$, i noticed this phenomenon in most games. The issue is even though those who aren't from Europe but near it, they still are lumped up under European PSN store region prices and they really have crazy prices for DLC and games sometimes it has extra 10 bucks than other regions or even more and sometimes they get better discounts and prices more than US PSN store but only when there is discount for most part. That's why i have two accounts to compare prices and buy cheapest offer.

      The confusing thing is i thought it is just a taxation rule on PSN Europe, but it is not, since there are some games and DLC who has the identical price as US PSN store if you transfer the currency in comparison. This depends on the company after all i guess.
    3. Zaibatsu
      They just don't give a $..t to the actual exchange ratio between the two currencies, and make the conversion 1$:1€

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