ps2 VF4 stick coming

Discussion in 'Console' started by SummAh, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    ps2 VF4 stick coming

    I found this news yesterday.

    It has been annouced in Japan that 31/1/2002 will not only see the release of VF4 on the PS2, but it will also see the release of a new arcade stick for the PS2 as well, kinda like how Tekken had the Tekken stick made by hori.

    Now, to answer any further questions....just so that there is no need to generate any posts....

    Q: Who is producing the stick?
    A: I do not know...there is no news with regards to that yet. It is unknown if Sega or some third party group is producing this stick~

    Q: where did u get this info?~
    A: through a friend in Hong Kong...the url is in I SERIOUSLY DO NOT see a need to post the URL~

    Q: But I can read Cantonese U DICK~! /versus/images/icons/mad.gif
    A: alrighty, alrighty, another fella cantonese speaking VFer...u win...

    Q: Is there a pic of the stick?
    A: NO there isn't a pic. If there was a picture..I would have given the URL to u boyz n girls ...~

    O: how much is the stick gonna cost?
    A: the site does not tell me...but an intelligent guess is around the same price as the game...maybe more~~

    That's all folks...n run off...start posting in other threads now~~

    " Todae, a reluctant (old hand) poster" not reply with any more questions...Cause I have no answers to give~!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  2. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Re: ps2 VF4 stick coming

    I cannot remember where, but I saw some screenshots of the TGS. There they showed DOA3 running on the Xbox, complete with sticks in front. The sticks were virtually identical to the Agetech sticks that were produced for the DC. It's highly likely that the sticks for VF4 on the PS2 will be very similar. Also, there will be a North American version, of course, resembling the sticks made for the PS2 and TTT. They look just like the silvery-chrome stick made the DC Can't remember.

    Thing to note. Sticks for VF4 will be no leap in quality from DC sticks. It's highly probable they will be the same, altered a bit in appearance but little difference in feel. The namco stick (PSX - grey and yellow) is identical to the DC agetech sticks, btw - open them up and you'll see...just that the base of the Namco stick is smaller.

    I'm with Kbcat on this subject, however. Buy *any* stick. Rip out the crap stick and buttons it comes with. Insert real parts from Happ Controls or wherever. It's worth it.


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  3. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Re: ps2 VF4 stick coming

    At least I will not have to buy another 100 dollar MAS stick.

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  4. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: ps2 VF4 stick coming

    "Buy *any* stick. Rip out the crap stick and buttons it comes with. Insert real parts from Happ Controls or wherever. It's worth it."


    I like the original Japanese Sega DC stick I have...
    but in any case...U wanna teach me how to perform the operation on the stick?? /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

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  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Re: ps2 VF4 stick coming

    The PSX and PS2 have a lot of sticks available for use.

    For instance, the CvS edition Ascii sticks (which many North American players tend to like, but I know those used to Japanese sticks tend to dislike) have been remade as CvS2 edition sticks for the PS2 (don't know if it's purely PS2 or if it's just a PSX stick). The specs are about the same from what I hear, optical stick, very loose, buttons feel very solid but springy. Generally, if you liked the CvS stick for DC, try this one out. I personally felt the stick was a great alternative when you got used to it, but the stick being as loose at it is (VERY LOOSE) causes problems to a lot of VFers who aren't used to "helping the stick back to neutral." Of course, I've played on CvS sticks that were both about as tight as the Agetecs (which ARE THE SAME, aside from MAYBE a few modifications, as the Sega DC sticks/ Ascii produced DC sticks) and some that were exceptionally loose (much looser than anything else I've used that had a spring in it).

    In addition, you have a full library of Hori sticks. The only problem with the Hori sticks, which is not a problem for me all that much in terms of 3d fighters is that the area of movement on the sticks are very small and the ball can easily be rotated off, but takes MANY ROTATIONS to actually rotate off. Aside from limited movement area and a ball that can be rotated off (and on occasion buttons being very close to the stick), the stick goes back to neutral with the quickness and once used to, your inputs should be very precise. The Hori buttons on my Hori Fighting Stick PS are also sort of an issue as they're not like real arcade buttons and are sort of made of a cheap but rough plastic. The buttons aren't the loose springy feel of the DC/Agetec sticks (but they don't get stuck as much either), they're not that cotton soft "I can feel the gentle pressing" feeling buttons of the CvS sticks, but they're alright (though I can imagine they can kill your thumb or fingers like the Ascii Saturn Sticks). I'm considering replacing the buttons on my Hori stick.

    And of course, Ascii has made a lot of other sticks for the PSX and possibly PS2. If you can find a friend that has the CvS2 stick for PS2, I recommend you try it, especially if you're a North American player who is so used to a circular area of movement, since the CvS2 stick has an octagon area of movement. With good care, the CvS2 sticks are fairly tight on a level similar to brand new DC/Agetec sticks (for those who played the sticks in NY, those sticks are exceptionally worn and loose).

    One of the good things about VF4 on PS2 is that there are so many sticks available on both the consumer-import and home-made market. It's much easier to find homemade custom sticks being sold online for the PSX and PS2 than it is for the DC.

  6. GeeseHoward

    GeeseHoward Active Member

    Re: ps2 VF4 stick coming

    Yeah, the Namco sticks are excellent. Seem to have a lot less play in the stick that the standard DC ones, so movements like DLC combo come out a lot easier.
    I've actually wired them up to my VF3 cabinet so that I dont have to sit right up to the thing when I play. That's the one thing that shits me about the arcades.

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