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    I'm only gonna list where Sarah's trial mode differs from Akira's. Basically the trial modes all look the same, but whenever a combo or MC tool is called for, the game swaps in logical, common combos for your character. Then the final batch of lessons, which show char. specific combos and flowcharts, is customized.

    7A: Basics of floating - Sarah is encouraged to use the DC, knee, and other moves (she has a fair number of float tools)
    7B: The combo expected of you (maybe because it's easy to do) is DC, chop-K, P-sidekick. That's d/b+K, d/f+P,K, P, d+K.
    8A: Using dodge attacks: to succeed in this trial, don't do sarah's dodge attack right way, wait until the last possible instant, when the dodge is pretty much finished.
    10B: As noted elsewhere, Sarah's knee is shown to stuff a dodger. It's fair to say knees can only be dodged in one direction, and it's also fair to say that if you're really good, you can stuff anticipated dodges with knees.
    21A: Okizeme strategy - when the opponent is just starting to get up while knocked down, a well timed elbow-knee (f+P,K) will connect. Something interesting here: You'd think that when trying this oki trick that doing it too early results in a whiff (they're not up yet) and too late results in guard. It actually appears that doing it too early can also be guarded. I was having mine blocked a lot and tried earlier timing with no luck. Then I tried later timing and it became easy.
    21B: Basic okizeme: Countering rising attacks. The game (wisely) suggest using lunging knees here. Practice other stuff too.
    21C: Advanced oki: Major Countering (interrupting) rising attacks. Sarah's u/f+K works beautifully here. Where it used to flip cleanly over rising sweeps, it now hacks right through high rising attacks too. Just learn the timing (start early. If the opponent rolls sideways, start just after the end of the roll, assuming they don't delay).
    24A: Using wall hits for wall combos. This showed me that there is actually a third wall hit animation. Get into fl. stance and then do f+K. Normally it hits and spins the opponent around. Near the wall they scrape their face across the wall as they spin. This leads to an easy combo: fl. f+K, fl. u+K (kickflip).
    You can also carefully time a flamingo P+G throw, which is a hwaorang-like mount'n'kick into the wall. Press P+G when you see the wall animation nearly ended.
    24B: A basic punch (and also puntkick) causes a small wall stagger. Combo this with Sarah's u/f+P+G catch throw, and of course a number of other moves will also hit. To breeze through the trial you can do canned PP over and over.

    25A: Now for the truly customized stuff. A nice anti-low punch demonstration. Sarah does f+P, d/f+P (elbow-chop). The opponent reacts with a spastic d+P... but they are foiled because sarah followed her elbow-chop with u+K+G.
    Another flowchart to remember: If the elbow-chop hits, sarah's got initiative. A d+P will major counter whatever they try, so do elbow-chop --> d+P --> throw.
    25B: Pecky harrassment. Do chop-K (d/f+P,K) which puts you into the flamingo.
    Do a standing K right away which stuffs any attempt to retaliate, then you can try for another chop-K flowchart. Next time, they'll guard, so do the low kick --> hit throw.
    25C: More flamingo harrassment. b+P+K to get into stance, immediately do a fl. K, then do the flamingo P+G throw to catch the opponent hesitating. Next time repeat the pattern, but instead of doing a flamingo K, do a fake kick directly into Sarah's SPD (my nickname for 270 throws).
    25D: Use b+K to start a simple flowchart --> P, (MC tool) or P, throw. I dunno what the b+K is for, but it flamingos sarah and may make them hesitate.
    25E: Perpetual midlevel pokes of doom. b+P+K to get into stance, then do a flamingo sidekick (d/f+K). The opponent may be staggered. Do elbow chop ---> flow from there into anything (like another b+P+K).

    26A: Basic combo 1: knee, PPPb+K.
    26B: Basic combo 2: u+K+G, d+K,K
    26C: A nice basic combo: u/f+K (remember major countering rising attacks?), P, b+K (FL), fl.u+K (kickflip).
    26D: Our final combo for typical DC interrupts.
    DC, chop-K, P, DC. That's d/b+K, d/f+P,K, P, d/b+K.

    next up: ???

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