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Discussion in 'Console' started by camenraider, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. camenraider

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    I wonder if there is something that enable the winning poses after each round...does the arcade have this feature?
    I ask because in the Shenmue 2 Vf4 disk the movie shows the player doing the winning pose after each round.
  2. Yupa

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    Try different button combinations... in VF2 you could select your winning pose by pressing P or K or G as the round ended. I believe you can also use P+K in VF4, but try the other combinations too-- P+G, K+G and P+K+G. IIRC, you can win old win poses from VF2 in kumite... not really sure about that tho... There might also be a special win pose for an excellent victory too...
  3. SummAh

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    Aye U can indeed win old VF2 victory taunts in kumite mode. It's saved onto your character datafiles...and u can simply use it whenever u're using the particular character.

    Check out Sarah's old vf2 taunts. You'll love it!

    I know I did /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. Yupa

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    Courtesy of mao2 over at

    -Old Win Pose.1
    When a created character has reached nikyuu (Level 2), he/she will gain the ''Old Win Pose.1''. To see this, during the match replay, press and hold P + K + G buttons.

    -Old Win Pose.2
    When a created character has reached sandan (Rank 3), he/she will gain the ''Old Win Pose.2''. To see this, during the match replay, press and hold P and K buttons.

    mao2 is the same person who wrote the rankings FAQ. Very good stuff.
    Does he know about us over here??? mao2 take a bow! =)
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