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PSN Bad Games

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Played a bad game with someone? Feeling salty? [​IMG]
  2. Shinzu921

    Shinzu921 Active Member

    hmmm... I wonder if we're gonna get hate mail too.
  3. LegendaryHero90

    LegendaryHero90 Well-Known Member

    i already did. Player said i was whoring a top tier character and that i spam too much. Its funny because I rarely see another Lion player on PSN.
  4. Cuz

    Cuz Well-Known Member

    Hihi had my first rage quit [​IMG]
  5. steelbaz

    steelbaz Well-Known Member

    spliffy baz
    Bad games to the self proclaimed streamer/twitch tv n00b. Ran his room for a long time before getting hate messages saying I can't use a mic or else.. It was probably a random n00b, either way it was weak and the level of play was poor. So what if I wanna drink and play VF, I paid 4 it...
  6. Sashaz

    Sashaz Well-Known Member

    I had one person who just did low kicks all games.
  7. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    Sooo... you're complaining because you got an easy win?
  8. Griever

    Griever Well-Known Member

    Whenever I play completely clueless noobs I just go numb and practice combos. In the process I sometimes lose, but I'm not salty.

    Here's what Ay_Kay_ sent to me:
    (direct quote)
    "We had a lot of fights already but let me tell you this. Thirst of all Lei Fei is a noob character and second, you my friend, you are just mashing buttons like crazy and you are just doing any moves. 1 Combo, that's all I saw. For 8th Dan, pretty weak in my opinion. And YES, I suck too, but you know what. I play 4 different characters and dont even know the moves of them."

    I was so weirded out by this that I actually replied:

    "and you (among other players') skill, or lack thereof forces me to use acharacter in a hideous way. I wish I were able to use the full potential, but abare mashers like you ruin it for me. I do not care for rank either, it means next to nothing online. The fact the you would consider any character noobish or otherwise merely solidifies your earlier self assessment. The players are noobs or good, not characters, sir. Stop the hate, enjoy the game and all the best to you. ;-)"

    Aaaaand his reply that followed:

    "thats the most stupid comment I've seen so far. So in your opinion there are no noob characters? Wow, that proves that you are just a lame noob, sorry for that bro! Every fighting game has noob characters. Sure the person is noob, but if the character is noob, the person could be as good as he wants, it will never reach the point of a pro player with a decent character. For some reason there are only lei fei and lau player....how come? Righ, noob characters, easy to learn, easy to mash for wins."

    At this point I just presumed it's an idiot not to be argues with. Hence VERY BAD GAMES to him ^^
  9. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    I ran into a Hunter last night that was a Lau player. I'm surprised he even challenged me. I was only an 8th Kyu at the time, lol. His name was something like, ummm... "KerruptedMind" if I remember correctly.

    I'm not going to type out the situation all over again since I already did that earlier, so I'll just be pasting what I wrote about the situation.

    "So yeah, I was playing some Ranked in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown last night and ran into a guy with a mic and OF COURSE... he just had to be a trash talker. Ya know, I really despise guys like this, lol. Here was a rundown of what happened:

    1. Match starts

    2. "What the fuck? Is this some Sailor Moon shit?" (He was referring to a new custom outfit I made for Eileen)

    3. "Tell ya what, man. I'll give you the first round"

    4. He literally lowers his guard until I get about half his health down, then proceeds to start fighting back

    5. "Nah, changed my mind"

    6. He takes me down about halfway, but it's not enough. I still take the round from him

    7. "Like I said, you can have it"

    8. Round 2 begins

    9. Catches me with all this gimmick shit I'm unaware of (I never fight Lau)

    10. Gets a perfect

    11. "Hahaha. What a bitch! Did you really just let me do that? Oh shit!"

    12. Round 3 begins

    13. I notice him backdash, so I dash towards him and grab him, then gain the momentum from there.

    14. "What the fuck is this shit? Are you serious? What the fuck? WHAAAAAAT?!"

    15. He manages to hit me once, but I win the third round with about 90% of my health

    16. Round 4 begins

    17. I decide to back off and play defense, so he rushes in just like I hope.

    18. We go back and forth for the whole round. He finally backs off and I catch him with my 66K, barely clipping him with it (which leads to a bound), HOWEVER... since I only clipped him with it, I couldn't follow up with my combo.

    19. I whiff three times, expecting to follow up with my combo, then he gets up and kicks me, barely winning the fourth round.

    20. Round 5 begins

    21. I take off about 60% of his health relatively quick, bringing him close to the edge of the ring.

    22. As soon as he gets up, he guards, then goes for a low, which connects. After the low, he launches me since I'm expecting another low, then he knocks me over the half-fence and wins with a ring out

    23. "Yeah! That's what I thought, bitch! You thought you could take me?! Hahahaha! Get better, fucking noob"

    24. After the match, I sent him a mail thanking him for the match (and the first round :p), but told him I didn't believe it was necessary for him to be trash talking seeing as how he was 10+ ranks higher than myself

    25. He finally replies back about an hour later with a picture that just says, "YOU SUCK!"

    26. So I reply back to him and I'm like, "Riiiiight... this coming from the guy who had to struggle to beat me. Yeah, okay. Whatever, lol", then I blocked him"
  10. LegendaryHero90

    LegendaryHero90 Well-Known Member

    that guy is free Ranking points to me if that makes you feel better. [​IMG]
  11. TheDictator

    TheDictator Member

    I am a complete noob when it comes to VF5:FS, I have never played a VF-game online before but still I got trashed by an upset player.
    I thought I should try the online out so i picked up Wolf and did a match-search and got a match.
    My adversary was a El Blaze and he did not block efficently so ergo I won... and I won lots!
    The guy went completely bananas and started to bomb my mailbox with hatemail. At first he just send a lot of "DAMN!" then he sends me "Cant u let me win ounce?" and after that I got the "I HATE U F****R" treatment.
    I send him a letter that I was a total noob to and told him to relax and enjoy the game, that just made him hate me more.
    That was my very first online-match playing VF5:FS hahaha bonkers!
  12. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    It does a little bit, yeah, lol. I'm pretty sure I've seen your name in the list when looking every now and then. I just find it to be hilarious when you run into a player that still thinks he's tough shit even after scraping out a win against someone that apparently "sucks".

    I'll never understand why these guys have to trash talk (on mic or through mail). Is that the only way they can feel good about themselves? I'd rather tell people "good game" and create my own confidence within myself rather than stepping on someone's toes, trying to make them feel like shit, just so I can feel better about myself.

    There's nothing wrong with being competitive. Hell, I know I am, but some people seem to forget that we're on the same team here. Ultimately, we're all here to enjoy ourselves and have some good fights.
  13. Shinzu921

    Shinzu921 Active Member

    I ran into that Lau Hunter last night too and had a similar experience, so I feel you.
  14. sekaijin

    sekaijin Well-Known Member

    sekaijin usa
    Yes I played that Lau as well. I'm the same level as him and he rage quit two times in a row when I beat him. His RN was BlackFist something or other. What a pussy.
  15. White_Worm

    White_Worm Well-Known Member

    I just played 2 guys in a player room. They had 3 slots, 2 for them and 1 for another "noob". So I play the first match and pick the character I'm currently maining (Jean). I win easily and pick Jean for my second match. He is my main right now, after all.

    So the first guy says "Man, you picked the same guy twice in a row? What a loser" or something like that. I asked him what was wrong with that and he said "You have no skill if you only know one character. And you probably think you're good for it". I laughed and said, you can pick my next character then.

    But he shut down the room before I could play him again. LOL! His PSNID was jaybirdboat I think. His buddy also had "boat" at the end of his name so I'm assuming they're part of the boat clan. [​IMG]

    That has to be the first time I've been accused of doing something wrong by picking the same character multiple times IN A FIGHTING GAME. lol
  16. LegendaryHero90

    LegendaryHero90 Well-Known Member

    only in Virtua Fighter. Where counterpicking is looked up to. [​IMG]
  17. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    I wish I could remember this guy's name (or more importantly... I wish my PS3 would remember and put the players I encounter in the Players Met list :p), but yeah... I encountered someone that left a bad taste in my mouth. He was a Jean player and a 1st Dan or something like that. He had a mic too (how unfortunate, lol).

    Well, I was a 10th Dan at the time. I could hear him even before the match began. He was like, "Ohhhh shit. I'm gonna get my ass KICKED" cause he saw my record and rank I guess, lol.

    I should note I main Eileen, so if you're familiar with her moveset, you'll know what I'm talking about here. I opened up the match with her 46+P and knocked him flat on his ass into a combo, then got him with my 8+P down attack. When he got up, I just did a simple PPP2+K, K and he got hit by every attack.

    So, I jumped on him again when he was down. All of the sudden, I heard him start saying stuff like, "Oh, that's how it is, huh?! You gonna jump on me while I'm down? Is that it?! Alright!". I backdash, then he gets up right into my 66K. Eats another combo (I had been finishing all of these combos with PPPK).

    After jumping on him that time, he starts complaining about how I'm doing the same moves over and over again, and how I'm just a noob. "Is that all you know?", "You suck more than me, scrub!", "Fucking noob!", etc.

    When I opened the next round with her 46+P again, then proceeded to combo him and jump him... the rage meter just went higher and higher. I saw no reason to change up what I was doing since he kept falling for it, lol. He pretty much cussed me out the rest of the match and even though I wish the guy could understand why I was doing what I was doing, I couldn't help but laugh at him for what he was complaining about.

    You can pretty much guess how the rest of the match went. I can't stand playing guys like that though. Of course I'm doing the same thing over and over again. If it works, why should I bother doing something else or waste effort just to try mixups when you aren't going to fall for them anyway?
  18. DoctorForHire

    DoctorForHire Member

    Did you try sending him an informative message on what he did wrong? I usually try to do that. If they were an extra salty douche I give them a good old instruction booklet lesson on what button is Guard and what Guarding does.
  19. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    No, I didn't actually. I guess I wrote him off as not being willing to listen due to his mentality. I kind of got that vibe from him when hearing him, ya know?

    I just felt as though any advice would be a waste of my time since it would fall on deaf ears. Honestly, how many people that act like that have you met before that were actually willing to listen to anybody but themselves?
  20. DoctorForHire

    DoctorForHire Member

    That's what I meant by extra salty douche, when its one of those guys they get belittled with a babies tutorial on what Blocking is, and then get blocked so they can't respond. Guaranteed to triple their mad in any game.

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