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Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    Losers like momoiro and tairi have long been banished from the golden halls of JP ranked, and have become honorless ronin roaming the worldwide ranked wastelands pestering the peasants like pubic lice. OSU.
  2. AngryFlyingChop

    AngryFlyingChop Well-Known Member

    Well, what would you call the VF players Likeavf and horrorsnores who come around World just to troll people?
  3. jimi Claymore

    jimi Claymore Active Member

    likeavf is a moron
    this guy just send a thousand messages saying "give up?" after every match :mad:
    unfortunately knows really well the game
    and sadly playing with people like him is where you can learn a lot
  4. Birthua

    Birthua Active Member

    Coin Op INC
    I called them poor souls!
  5. Birthua

    Birthua Active Member

    Coin Op INC
  6. Citrus

    Citrus Well-Known Member

    How good is likeavf at the game ?
    Playing against him is so frustrating, especially for that lag of his.
    The only times I won was when he switched from Jeffrey to Shun, but it was pure troll, always repeating the same moves.

    And yes, I received his "give up ?" messages.
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  7. jimi Claymore

    jimi Claymore Active Member

    Bad Games to dsaq34jk89o (i think is that user name)

    the guy is a troll a not a nice person

    also i think is a alt count of "likeavf" because he picks is main (jeff and jacky) and his playstyle is very very similar
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  8. Citrus

    Citrus Well-Known Member

    I confirm it's his alt account.
    Edit: Actually he has over 6 alt accounts, one being a stormlord : " gtvf5tyu " (already mentioned in the thread)

    Bad game with Migach78, disconnects when losing.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
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  9. SlowCast

    SlowCast Member

    BG to PSN vihaangel

    Plays a lame Jacky who uses literally only 5 of his moves and can still manage to win rounds
    Can't really be serious with someone who has no sense of improvement whatsoever so I just fool around with other characters I don't play when I play with him.
  10. Citrus

    Citrus Well-Known Member

    That sounds like the average Jacky to me.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
  11. The_Only_God

    The_Only_God Member

    See Dillinjer668 is still up to his 3rd round cable ripping shit. Pathetic....
  12. Bizogi

    Bizogi New Member

    BG with nurse jonny, one time. when I was whooping his ass, even though his rank was way higher, dunno how. He started screaming obscenities at me like a hysteric bitch. Lol. Wonder what's wrong with some people. Just have fun, enjoy the game.
  13. Dhaval Katbamna

    Dhaval Katbamna Well-Known Member Content Manager Jean

    Nursejonny is an idiot. Him and all the people that he ranked up with are all idiots. Evil_akira, him, and a few other scrubs got to like veteran rank together but they are all terrible. And they RQ or dodge like crazy
  14. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    If nursejonny could backdash any faster he'd travel back in time.
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  15. cruzlink2

    cruzlink2 Well-Known Member

    Bad games to PSN itself you're a free and terrible
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  16. SlowCast

    SlowCast Member

    lol that guy is on my banlist
  17. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    Tried some online VF today for the first time in.....forever. Going to give a general BG to PSN.

    Either the few people left on PSN have just given up and are all using Wifi connections, or the service has just deteriorated to a point of unplayability. It was tragic playing against some 3 bars today but feeling like moving in mud. Unable to punish highly negative situations with a simple PK.

    I'm glad people are still playing the game. The more VF the better. But, man, it hurts to see the game like this...
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  18. Jason Elbow

    Jason Elbow Well-Known Member

    Jason ELBOW AKT
    Oh your a Lion player. Theres not many of us.
  19. Ares-olimpico

    Ares-olimpico Well-Known Member Content Manager Lion

    I am a lion player too and never play versus you Jason
  20. J Menzel

    J Menzel Member

    Bad game to tairy y 11. I know I should not have played him but he kept bugging me and would not let me stay in room. he must like breaking in the new guys in because he played like a complete jerk. he literally did three lame jacky moves and fell on me after each move. I thought high ranks were supposed to be better than that. bottom line I beat him and it felt good. my advice is to avoid him. or you can face him, beat him and save and upload the video.. I uploaded the video if anyone is interested. not my best game but I did a good job defending myself. good games to lots of guys on psn. maybe crappy players are the reason why people are not playing too much in ranked. my psn name echi7712 I anyone wants to check video.
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