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PSN Gamertags: US East

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. c_pokey

    c_pokey New Member

    PSN: c_pokey
    Location: Kentucky
    Main: Jeffry

    Just now starting. Really scrubby, but I'm eager to learn this game.
  2. X-t-rav-x

    X-t-rav-x New Member

    Location:North Florida
    Main: Kage
  3. llMICll

    llMICll Well-Known Member

    I'm in North Florida, too.

    PSN: llMICll
  4. DarkestReaperZX

    DarkestReaperZX New Member

    PSN: Ice_Gothic
    ToyDingo likes this.
  5. AngryFlyingChop

    AngryFlyingChop Well-Known Member

    I'll be a cool guy and add mine, I guess

    PSN: RaggedChariot
  6. SeveredShogun

    SeveredShogun Member

    Hello VF Friends Long Time Player 1st Time On VFDC. Good Things In Here!
    Parasite_eveNZ likes this.
  7. CMass

    CMass New Member

    Im looking to get back into this game, havent played in about 1 year. Anyone willing to help me level up add CMass9. Peace
  8. og23

    og23 Well-Known Member

    SilentStorm_og23, I'm in Toronto Canada
  9. Kjeino-tn901-

    Kjeino-tn901- New Member

    Psn Kjeino-tn901-
  10. FireKungFuHero

    FireKungFuHero New Member

    PSN FireKungFuHero
    Louisville Kentucky

    Man let's get some games going in here, we don't want the VF community dying
    oneida likes this.
  11. djdell82

    djdell82 New Member

    PSN = djdell82
    Location = Georgia

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