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Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    For VF5FS players in the US Midwest, post your PSN Gamertags here!
  2. Truesonic2k

    Truesonic2k Well-Known Member

    In Illinois here about 45 minutes away from St. Louis.

    PSN is LethargicWolf

    AU_IM_DIGIMON Active Member

    I'm in Wisconsin with decent internets 5up/30down

    PSN username = AUIMDIGIMON

    Will be streaming VF5FS lobbies as well, so look for a thread on that soon. [​IMG]
  4. EmX

    EmX Well-Known Member

    edit: wrong forum
  5. White_Worm

    White_Worm Well-Known Member

    In in Colorado. But if you're a VF player in CO, you already knew that [​IMG]

    PSN: White_Worm
  6. HammerOfEden17

    HammerOfEden17 New Member

    Illinois about an hour away from Chicago Gt Hammerofeden17
  7. EmX

    EmX Well-Known Member

  8. ITK5

    ITK5 New Member

    Had some good games earlier..representing TEXAS! Add: ITK5
  9. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    I guess I'm not technically "Midwest", but I didn't see a Southeast, so I'm posting here, lol. I only main Eileen right now since I'm trying to re-learn her on stick. I hope to pick up some other characters later, but if you're alright with fighting the same character over and over again, and wouldn't mind helping me through my learning experience, I'd appreciate it!

    PSN ID: TetsuyaHikari

    I look forward to facing you all soon~!
  10. Leson1

    Leson1 New Member

    PSN: Lesone1ryu

    Anytime... lets get a session on....
    ? did any of u have virtua fighter for the 32x....we have come full circle... all is well
  11. KillaKen

    KillaKen Well-Known Member

    PSN: KillaKen
  12. SwordSainte

    SwordSainte Member

    PSN: SwordSainte
    Chicagoland (Illiana)
  13. hummer197933

    hummer197933 Member

    dallas texas here.
    learned some brad back on vanilla vf5, but have been out of the fighting game scene since Starcraft II took most of my attention.
    having fun so far.
  14. ToxicSloth

    ToxicSloth New Member

    PSN: ToxicSloth

    Saint Paul, MN
  15. cjcastan

    cjcastan New Member


  16. RVNR

    RVNR New Member


    Maining Kage for now. Dabbled in VF before getting seriously into the FCG, liking what I'm seeing so far.

    Edit: Middle of nowhere, IL.
  17. Des_Delaghetto

    Des_Delaghetto New Member

    PSN: DesmonDelaghetto

    Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

    Characters: Lion and Pai

    Add me and throw me an invite if you catch me online.

  18. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    I apologize if anybody tried to add me recently. It seems I was at my friend limit. Someone pointed it out to me after a Player Match earlier when they tried to send me a friend request. Anyway, I cleared up 15+ slots or so, so I should be good now~

    PSN ID: TetsuyaHikari
    Location: Alabama
  19. x_BadNewsBear_x

    x_BadNewsBear_x New Member

    PSN: x_BadNewsBear_x
    Location: Texas
    Ima Goh nooooob.
  20. Elite

    Elite Well-Known Member

    PSN: Koenraku
    Location: Texas
    Characters: Just Kage for now.

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