PSN Gamertags: US Midwest

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. FlyMike

    FlyMike Well-Known Member

    PSN: FlyMike45
    Location: Memphis, TN
    Charas: Taka/Jeff

    All high level and competitive VF players get at me.
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  2. Sige

    Sige Member

    PSN: xsigex


    My roommate uses my gamertag too, he spams like mad with lei-fei. If you run into him, block and wait til his string ends. They are usually crazy unsafe on -13.
  3. FinalBoss147

    FinalBoss147 Member


    Im in the military, so online times will be random. But when I am online, Im playing a fighting game, but it will probably be this one until Tekken Tag 2 comes out.
  4. RoninBuddha

    RoninBuddha Member

    PSN: pencilronin
    Location: Houston, TX
    Chara: Shun Di (rarely, Eileen)

    i'm on random times (when i get free time). Let's Train!
  5. FinalBoss147

    FinalBoss147 Member

    I forgot, I'm actually in Houston, TX.
  6. GoTigers9999

    GoTigers9999 Well-Known Member

    PSN: GoTigers9999
    Location: DETROIT MI
    Main: IDK Pai for now!!
  7. RobynLiquorstorz

    RobynLiquorstorz Well-Known Member

    i'm never sure if i count as east or mid-west, so i'm dropping it in both.

    RobynLiquorstorz on psn
    RobynLiqorstorz on xbl

    reppin' the 614: columbus, ohio

    only playing psn at the moment, as that's where my crew is.
    xbl will come back when i get back to a stick . . .

    glad to be back on this site.
  8. loka

    loka New Member

    PSN: lokadero
    Location: Chicago area
    Main: always Jeff

    picking it back up since VF2
  9. BogusMeatFactory

    BogusMeatFactory Well-Known Member

    PSN: BogusMeatFactory
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Characters: Pai, Jean
  10. Gamegenie222

    Gamegenie222 Member

    Wait your from Nebraska man which part?


    Location: Nebraska

    Main: Don't have one yet still looking and learning the game.
  11. Inforcer

    Inforcer Well-Known Member

    PSN ID: inforcer23

    I play Akira and very seosoned Lei Fri.. send me pm or request to set up vs session

  12. IronNappy

    IronNappy New Member

    PSN ID:IronNappy

    I play Shun
  13. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    PSN ID: Akai_JC
  14. Shugotenshi

    Shugotenshi New Member

    PSN ID: ThienThan

    My first 3D fighter, and I am already feeling how terrible I am at this game, or just this type of game. I play Eileen. There are problems with how I play, and I hope y'all can help me through this to improve [​IMG]
  15. GoldUnit1001

    GoldUnit1001 New Member

    PSN ID:GoldUnit1001

    I play Jean
  16. IAMJEBUS2012

    IAMJEBUS2012 New Member


  17. climhazzard97

    climhazzard97 Member

    Looking forward to seeing you all online. I'm in Houston, TX.

  18. Pwngeboy

    Pwngeboy New Member

    Vanessa main hoping to get some tips from the experienced
    Houston, TX
    Psn: I_am_big_boss456
  19. bpack12

    bpack12 Member

    Oklahoma City, OK
    Psn: bpack2
  20. Vick Vega

    Vick Vega Well-Known Member


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