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PSN Gamertags: US West

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Myke, May 31, 2012.

  1. djtortilla

    djtortilla Well-Known Member

    PSN: djtortilla
    Location: Orange county, Southern California

    Play el blaze, and will start learning lion
  2. sonson

    sonson New Member

    PSN: sonnywortzik
    Loc: Northern Nevada
    I play only El Blaze. I love Lucha.
  3. DarkChef

    DarkChef Member

    PSN: kagechef
    Loc: Southern California
  4. Plague

    Plague Well-Known Member

    PSN: plague-cwa

    Location: Riverside, CA
  5. BeeChoChin

    BeeChoChin New Member

    PSN: BeeChoChin Location: Oakland, Ca
  6. Galvatron

    Galvatron New Member

    Add me if you don't mind a noob Jean player.

    Pflugerville, TX
  7. MechaShiva

    MechaShiva Well-Known Member

    PSN: WerePlatypus

    Loc: Ogden, UT


    Noob Goh player if you guys don't mind.

    PSN: menvimacal

  9. Sige

    Sige Member

    PSN: xsigex

    I main Vanessa, but my roommate uses my tag and he button mashes like mad with Lei-Fei. If you come up on him and are having issues, just block and wait til his string is over. It'll probably be -10 on block. He doesn't understand frame rates and won't listen to me [​IMG]
  10. complexz

    complexz Well-Known Member

    I'm not in the US but I'm in vancouver, anything on the west coast is a great ping, much better than my ping to any other canadian cities that's for sure.

    add me up if you wanna fight a soso aoi
  11. PSN: CaliJokerstyle

    West Coast
  12. basho

    basho Member

    PSN is Tesuji23
    I play mediocre Lei Fei and Shun Di, and that might be overstating it. Good players can whup me if they are trying, but if they 1/2 ass it...well, I got a chance!
  13. MalahkAngel

    MalahkAngel Active Member

    PSN: MalahkAngel

    I main Goh, but occasionally I throw in Eileen for shits and giggles. I'm not great, but I'm okay. Still learning the ropes.
  14. Washow

    Washow Well-Known Member


    Playing akira for now. Not very good so sessions are welcome
  15. MashPotatoTower

    MashPotatoTower New Member

    My body is ready
  16. steelbaz

    steelbaz Well-Known Member

    spliffy baz
    we shall see...
  17. Washow

    Washow Well-Known Member

    So where do high level players play at? Ranked matches are all full of jerkbags I think
  18. PhthaloBlue

    PhthaloBlue New Member

    PSN: Phthaloblue42
    Location: Corpus Christi, TX

    Add me if you wanna put in some sets with a shitty Lion/Eileen! [​IMG]
  19. yangsing

    yangsing Member

    PSN: geefunkera
    Location: Washington
  20. 00000000

    00000000 Well-Known Member

    PSN: ZeroLovesDnB
    Los Angeles


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