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    Yes, QuakeWorld. Quake 1. I know some of you out there still play it. And we on EFNet IRC #vfhome want you! Yes, YOU! to join our little channel and join us in our nightly games! Our pathetically small but very enthusiastic, and reasonably-to-very skilled little group needs more players; our resident ass-reamer, Tellure, is on vacation, and another player, Dodee, is an obnoxious egotistic little cocksucking shit who only plays when he feels like it, and he hasn't been feeling up to it recently (I suspect it's the genital herpes acting up again). So anyone interested...check it out. You may have fun or you may play for a few minutes and say "fuck this shit", but either way, we'll be glad you checked.

    That's EFNet IRC #vfhome, we usually are playing anywhere from 7pm to 4am EST, varies greatly due to different schedules of players. Look for CreeD or rsw.

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