Quarter on your D-Pad?

Discussion in 'Console' started by VFnOOb, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. VFnOOb

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    Strange but true. Most likely this subject has been discussed before but hopefully not too recently, har har.

    Ever have trouble buffering your moves properly only due to the fact you can't hit d+f d+f consistantly? I found that taping a quarter to your d-pad makes a huge difference and has improved my game in the recent months since I began using it. All you need is some industrial strength mounting tape, a pair of scissors, a pencil (mainly to be used as a stencil for the shaped of your d-pad), some scratch paper, a quarter and a lighter.

    Stencil out the shape of the d-pad and cut it out. Lay it on the mounting tape and then cut the design out of the mounting tape. Lay it appropriately on your d-pad, place the quarter on the tape and apply firm pressure. Take the lighter and get the quarter blistering hot and allow it to cool. It will hold firmly, but don't try to remove it for it is a semi-permanent ordeal.

    Also, don't do this to someone else's controller, especially if they aren't a hardcore VF4 fan, rofl.

    This has worked charms for improving my overall gameplay, particularly with the moves that are tricky to execute with a d-pad (in particular any move that requires d+f d+f/buffering crouches). Now I can use Akira in ways I never thought possible without a joy stick.
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  2. Griever

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    Wow, this is crazy. But if ot works for you, than it's great. I noticed, that D-Pad Akira player's have one characteristic, that other players do not have. Some crazy-shit-hell-of-a-creativity, 'cause they have to think of different ways of performing Akira's hardest moves with ease on a thing (D-pad) basically designed not to let it be done with any ease.

    Anyway, congratulations on finding your own way.
    I am so curious how would that work for me, that I'm gonna try it on my almost-dead-pad /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif Cheers.

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