Question: Wolf's Basic Tools?

Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Opter, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Opter

    Opter Member

    A successful RAW against a wake-up mid will put them in the leg lock position. It's very satisfying especially if its the last hit for the match. Most of the people I've played so far don't think to side roll and always attack. If the game's not very laggy or you're playing face to face you can mix-up between RAW and 9P+K, which goes right over the wake-up low.
  2. Guayaba209

    Guayaba209 Member

    After alot of throws mostly off a wall hitting giant swing I do
    [4][3][P] into the hit throw which is 100dmg i do have replays if you want to add me to see. I dont have a recording device, if someone wants to record it and post it for everyone to see contact me.
  3. EmX

    EmX Well-Known Member

    RAW can capture rising mid side-kicks (the linear ones). Depending on where the opponent lands, those come out in lieu of the circular.
  4. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    If Akira has the same kicks he had in Vanilla you can catch all of his rising mid attacks. Otherwise you have to watch where the head is: if it's far from you, don't try to catch the kick, because it's a circular attac; if it's near you it's probably a direct mid attack and you can catch it.

    Altought i can catch high and mid kicks i miss sometimes the old reversal with less damage taken (or none) and sure damage for the opponent. Wolf is fun to play but also riskier.
  5. Opter

    Opter Member

    I've been finding that Wolf's P+K charge is a really good lead in for 3P+K. While it isn't necessarily guaranteed (it depends on range and how quickly they un-stagger) it can lead to some pretty mean damage and if you use the charge attack well its not too risky.

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