Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by kidler, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. kidler

    kidler Member

    Is all you need to do to get the 1-hundred win items is to get a 100-wins in a row ro do you need to be at a certain rank?Because my friend is cheating his way up by having his 10 kyu fight another tenth kyu through vs.and hes ranked up to 1st dan.So he is wondering if he can keep going by cheating until he wins the 100-win item.Please confirm this for him I and him would apreciate it.
  2. ad91791

    ad91791 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure but i think it dosen't matter what ranking u r
  3. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter the rank. Just keep playing in versus mode. One thing though -- I think it has to be in ONE SETTING. Can't stop and start later.
  4. blackshadow

    blackshadow Well-Known Member

    yeh u have to do it all at once not jus a hundred wins turnin it off then startin them again of course u could always jus get collect the spheres twice n u got it the second time
  5. ad91791

    ad91791 Well-Known Member

    Another thing i forgot to say ,if u get ring outs you'll have to start yo streak all over again
  6. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    i dont know if that's necessarily true, ive got 1 of my characters 100 win streak items via vs. mode and have had a few ring outs but still got the item

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