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  1. OochieBally

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    I'v got a question: I've just bought my first VF (4) for PS2 (I'm a big tekken fan, the only fighting game that could conquer my hard and soul) cause I had read so many good reviews about it and I downloaded a couple of movies to see what it would look like and it looked really good. Now my question is: For exemple in the kumite mode, in the character select screen under every's character his information is written for exemple: expert or beginner. I have noticed already that Akira is a lot more difficult to play with than for exemple Lei Fei. But does this mean that you can't be the best VF fighter of the world with Lei Fei cause he is just to easy to understand or something?!! I don't really understand.......who can explain this to me....
  2. pltan

    pltan Well-Known Member

    Others may correct me if I'm wrong. But I've always taken those degrees of difficulty as the learning curve on the character. Akira is much more difficult to master than some of the others, Lei Fei in your example. However having said that, I don't believe being a high level Akira player would give you an innate advantage over a high level Lei Fei player.

    And on a side note, this forum may not have been the best place to post such a question, it's assigned to hardware issues. Character and Technique training would probably have been a better choice.
  3. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    i dont know if anyone will agree, but i've watched a lot of clips, and some of these guys are using begginer characters, and have taken them to probably the characters highest potential, basically what i'm trying to say is that being the best doesn't depend if you're using begginer, intermediate, and expert characters, being the best is determined on how you utilize a character and take him tothe extreme, my advice practice, train, and innovate.

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