Questions about PS2 VF4 answered from reviewer...

Discussion in 'Console' started by CreeD, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    A reviewer from ... can I say this and not get him in trouble? It rhymes with Relectronic Taming Honthly... was playing PS2 VF4 and answering questions on #vfhome tonight. Still there if you're reading this post about 9:00 PM eastern.
    Some common questions were answered. Here's the log, unedited.

    <JSpaceman> been playing VF4 on the ps2 for about a month
    <Reno-> heh
    <adamYUKI> WHAATT!!>!?!!?!?!!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!
    <CreeD> oh yeah?
    <JSpaceman> yeah
    <CreeD> Any comments on it? good or bad?
    <adamYUKI> x-plane joo-self
    <JSpaceman> it's excellent
    <JSpaceman> i'm reviewing it next issue
    <adamYUKI> wow!
    <adamYUKI> what publication?
    <JSpaceman> if you have any questions, i'll answer them
    <CreeD> oh? you gamespot?
    <adamYUKI> grphics? took a little hit obviosuly roight?
    <JSpaceman> no, EGM
    <adamYUKI> EGM?
    <CreeD> omg egm
    <JSpaceman> electronic gaming monthly
    <adamYUKI> sushi-x?
    <CreeD> I forgot all about y'all
    <adamYUKI> /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
    <CreeD> yeah
    <CreeD> I used to have a scrip
    <CreeD> well, does sarah's stage get fully trashed by
    <JSpaceman> anyway, i'm -so- getting back into VF
    <CreeD> or just one or two strikes per match?
    <adamYUKI> kool
    <adamYUKI> yeah!
    <adamYUKI> tell us about graphical stuff thats missing!@
    <JSpaceman> well tell me what happens to sarah's stage in the
    arcade and i'll tell you if it happens in the ps2 version.
    i'm playing it right now
    <adamYUKI> EGADZ!
    <adamYUKI> u wouldnt happen to be in NYC would you?!?! ;P
    <CreeD> attaboy. Lightning hits the pillars and aqueducts and
    temple and causes them to collapse
    <JSpaceman> i tried my AI for a long ass time today
    <JSpaceman> er
    <JSpaceman> trained
    <JSpaceman> yeah all of that is there
    <JSpaceman> the background gets trashed
    <JSpaceman> hit lighting is also there
    <CreeD> ok.
    <CreeD> The characters look aliased/jaggy? Or the backgrounds
    that you could notice?
    <JSpaceman> i can't believe some of the stuff i was reading
    on VFDC
    <JSpaceman> like how the aquarium stage lacks fishes, etc.
    <JSpaceman> that's total bullshit
    <JSpaceman> this game looks -excellent-
    <adamYUKI> does the quarium stage have a HUGE whale shark?
    <JSpaceman> yes
    <JSpaceman> and a ton of little fish
    <adamYUKI> right but i guess you have to spend a lot of time
    with arcade game to comment on stuff like certain textures
    and lighting tho
    <CreeD> that's cool. This is picky, but.. what about the
    lifebars? they look a little washed out? They do in every
    movie/picture I've ever seen, and it seems dumb.
    <JSpaceman> how do you mean washed out?
    <CreeD> like instead of being metallic silver, dark red and
    bright green, they look grey, pale orangey, and pale green.
    <CreeD> like the color depth is gone
    <adamYUKI> hehehe..i thought i was nit-pikky! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
    *** number_6 has joined #vfhome
    <JSpaceman> the health bar is fine :p
    <JSpaceman> jesus
    <Reno-> creed, do you know if Lion's d/f+P+K is punch or
    throw counterable?
    <CreeD> reno: d/f+P+K, the ugly whirling punch to the ankles?
    Fairly sure it's low throwable.
    <Reno-> hm, alright
    <adamYUKI> Jspace: how do you unlok or pick the many
    character costumes>
    <adamYUKI> ?
    <CreeD> jspace: well, we know that game magazine reviewers
    can get a little soft about things /versus/images/icons/smile.gif ... so if you had to
    say ONE negative thing about the game, something that you
    spotted that wasn't right (compared to the arcade or
    otherwise) what is it?
    <JSpaceman> kumite all the way
    <adamYUKI> here here kreed
    <JSpaceman> well, obviously the graphics aren't as good
    <JSpaceman> that's really the only difference
    <JSpaceman> i think this is ver C too
    <adamYUKI> i dont think people were debating the game
    wouldn't look good
    <adamYUKI> i think everyone knew the game would be stunning
    <CreeD> well, that's cool about version C. Can you think of
    any specifics in the graphics, or it's just an overall feel
    of not-that-great?
    <adamYUKI> its just that hardcore vfers want to know the
    little things
    <adamYUKI> discrepencies from arcade and stuff
    <JSpaceman> well the textures overall aren't as sharp as the
    arcade verion
    <JSpaceman> version
    <JSpaceman> but it isn't anything that's glaring
    <adamYUKI> i see
    <adamYUKI> i dont think its glaring either from what ive
    seen...but its definitely noticeable to trained eye
    <adamYUKI> so u gonna give it a 10?
    <adamYUKI> ehehe
    <CreeD> any version C changes you can think of that made you
    go "huh that's different" .. like does shun's u+K not knock
    down? Does wolf's HCF+P+G do half lifebar? Etc?
    <JSpaceman> heh, maybe
    <adamYUKI> also release date for domestic?
    <JSpaceman> march
    <CreeD> How does saving AI data work... memory card?
    sharkport? etc? How exactly will I be sticking MY ai into
    someone else's system?
    <CreeD> and can it be done from US to japanese game systems?
    <JSpaceman> memory card :)
    <CreeD> sounds good.
    <adamYUKI> jspace: character costumes?
    <adamYUKI> how to get them?
    <JSpaceman> i don't think it's u.s. and jap compatible
    <adamYUKI> are they availabe from the begining? or must one
    be a "master of unlokking" to get them?
    <JSpaceman> basically, kumite mode is like playing at an
    <JSpaceman> with people challenging you and you holding the
    <JSpaceman> you get ranking matches
    <JSpaceman> and win prizes and items
    <JSpaceman> which you can customize your characters with
    <CreeD> Load time? How long is it between matches, about?
    <adamYUKI> more to offer overall than ttt and other
    <JSpaceman> load times are minimal
    <JSpaceman> seriously, this is an excellent port
    <JSpaceman> the -best- single player modes i've ever played
    in a fighter
    <adamYUKI> wowo
    <adamYUKI> im impressed
    <adamYUKI> thanks for hookin us up with the info jspace!
    <CreeD> yeah.. I hope the little things like gameplay are
    good too /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
    <number_6> in what modes besides Kumite do you unlock stuff?
    any of em?
    <number_6> do you need to speak japanese to use the AI and
    training modes?
    *** [jhk] has joined #vfhome
    *** SleepyEug sets mode: +o [jhk]
    *** ShinJin has joined #vfhome
    *** SleepyEug sets mode: +o ShinJin
    <JSpaceman> creed: a couple of my friends are VF experts
    <JSpaceman> they're the ones that came over and played it to
    test if it was ver C
    <CreeD> Jspace: and did they have anything to say about
    <JSpaceman> they only complained about the hit lighting being
    missing, but then later, we found out that hit lighting is
    turned off by default
    <CreeD> any intentional differences they mentioned for
    characters? Like akira being toned down or something?
    <number_6> I hope if people do start trading save files by PC
    that saves are compatible between jap and us versions
    <CreeD> or there's a conversion utility.
    <number_6> doh... didn't read that earlier
    <rswafk> who the fuck is jspaceman?
    *** rswafk is now known as rsw
    <CreeD> laff
    <CreeD> EGM reviewer.
    <CreeD> telling us about PS2 VF4.
    <JSpaceman> doh, hello to you too
    <rsw> the typical warm #vfhome welcome
    <number_6> so Up+Square triangle trianle is the sarah & pai
    nude code right?
    End of #vfhome buffer Fri Jan 25 21:02:39 2002
  2. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    Re: Questions about PS2 VF4 answered from reviewer

    You missed the next two lines. I will help.

    <JSpaceman> sorry if i'm idle, i'm beating on my friend's jerky :)
    <number_6> thats ok, we don't discriminate based on sexual preference
  3. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    Re: Questions about PS2 VF4 answered from reviewer

    LOL...that was too funny Rich. Wonder if JSpaceman is ever gonna pop into #vfhome again, or if he was just there to, you know, make himself feel superior.
  4. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Kumite is starting to make more sence to me now...
    Imagine you're in a Japanese arcade with your VFnet card and start challenging...
    As you fight better, the better Japanese players notice and come over to challenge and knock you off the game... sounds like a ton of fun. Can't wait... =)
  5. soulmachine

    soulmachine Well-Known Member

    Re: Questions about PS2 VF4 answered from reviewer

    Good ol' Jspace.

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