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Discussion in 'General' started by Nutlog, Jan 15, 2002.

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    I have an entirely new respect for all of those here and elsewhere who have made match/technique/combo vids. I just picked up my capture card the other day and was working on just some simple captures, then formatting them. I guess I have quite a bit to learn about formatting, as well as learning how to tweak the capture progress. I've noticed that right around 35 seconds or so into the capture, my video starts to lag behind and then get really choppy, while the audio keep going just fine. Any idea as to what I might be doing wrong here? I'm using the DivX 4 high-motion codec @ 320x240 at the moment. Can anyone recommend something else, a standard codec type, perhaps? I've got something like 25 different codecs and I don't want to be using the wrong ones.
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    I can't say I've experienced your problem before so I have no hard and fast solutions for you. But I can make a few suggestions which may help.

    It sounds like you're trying to compress with DivX 4 during the actual capture? If so, then disable it (the compression) and try again. Compression should be the very last step in your movie making progress. The capture process can be quite resource intensive, and you're just adding more overhead to it by trying to compress it in real time.

    It may also help that you don't run any other programs while you capture because of the intense disk activity that is going on. Other things to keep an eye on is how much free space you have (the more the better), and is the free space on that disk in a contiguous block or is it scattered all over the place? Running disk defrag should sort that out.

    Hope that helps.

    p.s. thread moved from media forum
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    hey, try <a target="_blank" href=></a>. I don't own a vid capture card, but every single other step of the process I've run into problems and that site's had some help for me. Maybe they have an article on the slowdown issue.

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