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By BLACKSTAR on Apr 8, 2015 at 7:59 AM

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    Have you ever felt that your reactions are too slow? Or that you can't keep up with the speed and flow of the game? We often tend to blame ourselves and write the problem off as due to bad genes or old age. However, this 2012 blog article, titled Reaction Speeds in Gaming by Kayin, shows the actual cause is more than likely a mental issue, rather than physical one, and can be overcome with a change in the way you think. (potentially NSFW language)

    This article was written with (new) Street Fighter 4 players in mind, but the concepts are easy to see and applies very much to VF as well. Be sure to check out this amazing article!


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Discussion in 'News' started by BLACKSTAR, Apr 8, 2015.

    1. Ellis
      This was an interesting find, and - from what i feel - something that speaks to how i think about my reactions myself (or my struggles with such). Good post Bstar! :)
    2. DigitlSamurai
      Great article! This will help me cut down on how much I'm trying to keep track of!
    3. shadowmaster
      I learned this basic idea on my own as I to this day still don't have a clear grasp of what kind of player I want to be 100%. Stuff mentioned here helps out alot as I don't think as much as I used to. It actually makes alot of sense to stick with simple solutions quickly and if they work stay with it. If they fail have an alternative plan ready immediately. You should have these plans ready before you play a match too as it mentioned. I mentioned this basic idea to a new guy here earlier to not overload your brain with too much information as that tends to be as important as your move selection.
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    4. BlueLink
      I read this article a good while ago (I think in 2013 or early 2014), and it helped me improve a lot my mindset. After reading it I started dividing moves into situations, like for example: moves for winning evades, moves for high crushes, moves for low crushes, moves for mix-ups, etc... and after that, I started making a tier list between each situation. For example, what moves are good for winning evade opponents with Pai?

      S tier: throws
      A tier: 1K+G (it's a low, gives a knockdown on this situation, and low crushes, just in case you read your opponent wrong), 2KK (they evade the first kick, press a button, and boom, counter hit)
      B tier: 4K+G (knockdown, good range)
      C tier: K+G (leaves backturned and it's EX_High, but definitely not as good as the other options)

      After that I just ignore every other move in my moveset and try to use the high tier moves of this tier list whenever I see myself on this situation, selecting the best one in my opinion for that occasion (@BLACKSTAR , that's the reason why I did 1K+G at the start of a round during the FR stream, I know it's a slow move, but on that situation it would win against 5P, evades and standing block, so it was a pretty decent move to use).
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    5. Craigbot
      This is a good find, @BLACKSTAR. Something we all need to have in the back of our minds.
      thank @MrAnnual
    7. SDS_Overfiend1
      Cool but.... What about a player that just knows? Because Sf4 is Straightforward lol.. There is so many variables to this kind situation.
    8. Lucky_GT
      This is something I've applied for a while, which is why I recommend having a plan and knowing what is most efficient in a given situation. I'd say my mental stack would be the one on the right with options X,Y or Z (+/-).

      Being successful at fighting games is the act of training your subconscious to be more efficient than the other guy. Your subconscious is much faster, more efficient and can handle more than your conscious thoughts, so training yourself to the right side of the graph will make you stronger player. I'm generally consistent and win with minimal effort (I know, I'm arrogant! :p) because I've trained myself to be subconsciously more efficient than everyone else. Conscious thoughts are for when you are not playing VF!

      You should think of a given VF match as 99% dictated by your subconscious and 1% by your conscious thoughts. Your day-to-day habits are this way as well.

      P.S. I'm so so sorry for missing my RAW match. : (
    9. Kamais_Ookin
      It's OK Lupin, adventures come up unexpected sometimes. I understand. ;p
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    10. BBountyHuntyr
      Hey you...I messaged you in the RAW thread Lol
    11. Terracrush
      I feel huge part in reaction is noticing and focusing on certain aspects. If anyone keep saying that reactions are purely something your born and lost to age is just BS. Not saying that that they don't contribute but alot of it isnt true. A good example is again from SF. Cammy may be bottom of the barrel when it comes to ST but even with fast reactions the other player still has a hard time against the her slow hooligan throws. Yea these guys are good but but if the opponent had insane reactions why didn't he stuff Nakamura throw? Conditioning and playing with the opponents expectation more important.
      As far as the mental goes , if your not able to understand what the opponent is trying to do you're probably more likely to clam up. People instinctively dont want to get hit so what happens is that they try to go back to their safe zone when pressured. The better you are able to adapt to these situations through experience and training the better you can react. And so afterwards things that seemed so blindingly fast slow down considerably.
    12. KrsJin
      This may be because you aren't often challenged but I feel the conscious thoughts are a bit higher of a % than that. Let your subconscious play run its course while you analyze your opponents tendencies/habits, then consciously choose an action to beat out their actions. That alone should up the % count for conscious play a bit.

      Course, some of this thinking could be applied during round breaks :)

      I for one love this article because I refuse to believe reaction times vary so widely based on genetics (Even if I'm wrong). Through training, reducing your mental stack (as this mentioned), and just relaxing during a match, your reaction time increases greatly. When you stress and tense up, everything goes out the window, especially your reactions.
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    13. Lucky_GT
      Long time no see!

      You may be right about the percentage(it's hard to say really), but I feel my conscious thoughts are a very minuscule part of my gameplay. I've tried playing where I try to keep the conscious thoughts and adaptations going throughout the round and I slow down and no longer play as well. But there is subconscious adaptation as well so it isn't really "autopilot".

      I do most of my conscious adaptation during the round breaks!
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    14. Stl_Tim
      Lol at these replys. We are talking about fs here, correct? Let's not get ahead of ourselves since we all understand hitting buttons in fs eliminates so many factors as opposed to earlier vf iterations where there was actual consequence for an action, getting hit by a basic p and having to actually input a throw escape. Not putting your 3 scoop ice cream cone in the other hand while you hold down buttons and lean a lever.
      We are talking about real vf here and not fs?! Guys? Are you listening?

      Not just why sega????
      Just, we get it and it dosent work, so fix the damn engine already.
    15. DigitlSamurai
      Where does it say we're only talking about FS? The article applies to all (halfway decent) fighting games.
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    16. SDS_Overfiend1
      But you were the main one begging for a new game... Crying every fuckig second about everything on the mic.. STFU ALREADY WITH ALL DUE RESPECT.. win something, beat something, earn something.. Prove your worth... Get over your shortcomings and stop blaming the fucking system.. Game is easier, Lion is a Monster and upper tier but your still Trash.,? WITH ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE.. HOW!!!!!
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    17. Stl_Tim
      Thanks for your wisdom man who has a handle associated with tentacle anime rape, bwhaha. Next...
    18. Terracrush
      Blaming the system is Tim's mental block. It doesn't matter if this was FT. Its always eveything else's fault never his own.
    19. SDS_Overfiend1
      and you have a Handle associated with a retard "Timmay"... You mad Bruh? Tell em why you Mad Son!!
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