Relationship between DOATEC and J6????

Discussion in 'General' started by masterpo, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Obviously this question is for those who give F*CK about the VF story.

    Is there some connection between DOATEC and J6? What was the storyline rationale behind VF characters being in the DOA Last Round?

    Interesting coincidence DOA 5 Last Round & Virtua Fighter 5 Final Show Down

    Also its seems like there are at least some similarities between J6's Dural project and DOATEC's Phase 4 right?

    I know DOATEC was not one of the original Judgement 6, but maybe DOATEC and J6 are competitors..,.:censored:

    DOA 6 March 2019 and Virtua Fighter 6? ________ Hmmm??????

    For some reason I'm thinking these two story lines might meet somewhere

    Really, why was Akira, Jacky, Pai, and Sarah sent to fight in the Dead or Alive Tournament 5? hmmm.......
  2. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Active Member

    I don't like this Crossover lore just like how i don't like Beast Sarah... But that's just me...
    There's a lot of wasted potential with VF's story, some arcade endings with Terada's artwork would be enough.
  3. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    I"m not really suggesting there should be crossover lore, I'm just wondering whether there is some crossover lore :LOL:

    You gotta admit Phase 4 and Dural .... well, last round vs final showdown, were these unintentional coincidences????

    or do all fighting game stories have to do with an evil corporation trying to engineer the ultimate fighting machine???
  4. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    I'm glad, I'm not the only person, who noticed that.
    Welcome to the club dude.:p

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