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Discussion in 'General' started by Tsuujin, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Tsuujin

    Tsuujin Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Ryan Hart and I used to live VF. Yes, not play, live! hahaha Eat, sleep, dream, grind, think, subconsciously think, then consciously think some more. I think I even called my boss at work Jeffry once when he said he'd been swimming with Sharks. :/ I do have my moments.

    In any case, I'm back on here as I've found some super old match replays from all over the world. Singapore, USA, Japan, Korea, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Holland and some other countries too. I think it's around 500-1000 match replays across multiple PS2 memory cards.

    My first question here is, is there actually any interest to watch old high level VF4 vids? I'm asking as it's a lot of work to upload all of this so want to check interest before I go ham for no reason.

    Second question is what is the best recommendation for how to get all these PS2 replays onto a PC and uploaded? Sitting there and loading these up on the PS2 to be captured one by one feels like it will take forever so was just wondering if there was a quicker way, but I don't see how that could be possible actually :/

    I also have quite a few deep stories regarding my global VF adventures that I will probably be sharing in a podcast if you guys want.

    So yeah.

    Hope you all are well during these unsure times. Please be safe!

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  2. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    Wow, Ryan Hart! I've heard lots nice things about you and VF4! It would be great to have those VF4 replays online in good quality! if it isn't too much of a problem, i would recommend you to upload the replays at 60FPS with a HD 4:3 aspect ratio if possible something like "1440x1080" although "960x720" would be ok too.
    Youtube compression really screws up the quality of anything that isn't HD.

    I'm completely sure there's a good number of people who would be interested in having these VF4 replays uploaded, they would be a pretty good resource for learning some cool stuff from VF4 also a good way to show VF4 to those who aren't familiar with it.
    I don't think there is a quick way to record the replays, so yeah you will have to sit there waiting also don't forget to press "SELECT" at the start of each round to hide the replay options, i know it's tons of work but i'm sure it'll be worth it.

    By the way, what happened with that interview with Yu Suzuki you made?
    Anyways, thanks for visiting VFDC again and please try to say safe dude.
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  3. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Welcome back! I definitely think there would be interest in the old replays if you can find a way to upload them. If you can't find a quicker way to upload, maybe even just a curated list would a solution? Just upload your favourites or the ones you think would be most interesting.
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  4. lordraptor

    lordraptor Member

    THE Ryan Hart? nice! I take it your channel on YouTube is RyanHartTV right? if you're planning on uploading more VF videos, I'll make sure to subscribe right now.
  5. gido

    gido Well-Known Member

    Cool! Nice to be chatting with the legend himself. Yea I loved to see some high level VF4.
  6. Tsuujin

    Tsuujin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, yes that's my YouTube channel so I'll be uploading to that page :)

    I'll post here again once I've started uploading in a few days. Take care and stay safe everyone.
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