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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by BK__, Jan 7, 2002.

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    it's my old play with akira & lion in VF3 for anyone who wants it...

    well, many people have seen them, but i just wanted to post for anyone who missed out...

    i actually recorded them a year ago, but my camera broke, otherwise i'd update big time!... and *no*, i dont play the same nowadays as i fully use k-stepping and a heck of alot more combos n' stuff.....

    a couple of things i found, to play while your back is turned

    turning your back to the opponent

    any character:
    (back turned) k+E cancel with G - a straight evade just like if you were standing face forward..

    p+E - shorter evade (with punch delay)

    d/f + K+E - short evade (with kick delay)

    d+P+E - it crouches AND evades, this can be good against a p,p,p combo or a knee/flip kick

    f+P+E - a quick step forward

    i have tons more with lau too....

    *NOTE* if geocities starts playing up, it means that too many people are trying to access it at once due to transfer data, just try again later if this occurs...

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