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Revolution Controller

Discussion in 'General' started by Crazy_Galaxy, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

  2. RagingSilver

    RagingSilver Well-Known Member

    oh my dayz, that has to be the wildest controller to date. I thought it was the remote control for the system to play ya movies on but thats wild!

    I'm curious to see how this would work with various games. It's like Sky Interactive TV advance, lmao.
  3. nobody

    nobody Well-Known Member

    Well, we can scratch VF5 for the Revolution.
  4. RagingSilver

    RagingSilver Well-Known Member

    hmm ok I read up abit on it and I think it's absolute...................

  5. thebradSHow

    thebradSHow Well-Known Member

    gaming as a whole does have to change for things to keep from getting stagnant and only 2 companies have large enough "gaming penis' " to be able to pull this sort of thing off, Sega and Nintendo. We'll have to see though /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  6. Painty_J

    Painty_J Well-Known Member

    If anyone knows about penises, SH_ is a connoiseur XD
  7. KS_Vanessa

    KS_Vanessa Well-Known Member

    well it looks like nintendo are gonna have another hard year...........

    the controller on its side looks like an old nes pad

    seriously tho, i presume that when playing proper games on the rev means you have to hold the controller horizontally, but there seems to be only 2 accessible buttons for play.

    does this mean that nintendo games are gonna have to be more simplier to adjust for only two buttons?

    then again, most nintendo games are rehashes so no points for originality there then i guess. nintendo seem to be the only company who love to live in the past.

    i predict third place for the next gen war. now its only ps3 and xbox360
  8. yoomazir

    yoomazir Well-Known Member

    Nintendo is,again, alienating himself from the mainstream.
    In a way,it's good!They will do original and inovative games,but don't think you will become the number 1 with that kind of solution.
    I think after the REV ,Nintendo will realase another home platform,going to fail again and then,retire from home market.
  9. thebradSHow

    thebradSHow Well-Known Member

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, you honestly think Nintendo will retire from the home market, I know what your gonna say already "Sega did", and Sega controls the japanese arcade scene with an iron fist so for them to do it it makes sense, Nintendo will continue to be in the game as long as they get the market their going after which is clearly who they are goin for with this product, people will never feel Nintendo as long as theirs a big shiny green X trying to take over, and as long as there is a futuristic sony logo out there, they know their market, they're not gonna alienate their fans to try and get the small number of people that they think they can get by switching up their image.
  10. DissMaster

    DissMaster Well-Known Member

    Big N

    A few things here:

    Ninendo makes money. They have made money on all their consoles. MS has yet to make a cent on XBox. People think that XBox and Sony are just killing Nintendo, but MS still (I think) sells XBox for less than it costs them to make it and it's been aroud for years.

    It's inaccurate to call Nintendo "unoriginal." The games and franchises they create are hugely original- in many cases they invented the entire genre that the franchise falls into. They continue to innovate in the 3d era (think Mario 64).

    This isn't to say that Nintendo doesn't have problems. They are losing market share, but this is unavoidable when your competitor (MS) can lose billions of dollars and it doesn't even hurt them.

    And I wish Nintendo would use their gameplay genius to create more mature titles. I don't like having to choose between adult production values and tastes (like Team Ninja- though one can argue(and I would) that they have corny and adolescent sensibilities) and games with perfect control and innovative design (like Nintendo to a large degree).

    At least the new Zelda should be great.
  11. Maximus

    Maximus Well-Known Member

    Re: Big N

    [ QUOTE ]
    DissMaster said:

    And I wish Nintendo would use their gameplay genius to create more mature titles.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    They do this because they are targeting little kids and since there are a LOT of little kids they thought it logical to continue with this. Besides a lot of people like this kind of stuff, even I do. They're kind of fun and they give you that warm and fuzzy feeling when you just want to relax.

    If you want violent games you could try the RE series. They are quite violent and gory. I am not sure what other more mature tittles Nintendo has, but that's as far as I know about their violent games.
  12. hfblade

    hfblade Active Member

    Re: Big N

    There was also Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.

    As for the controller, I do think it looks really awkward. I wonder how the new Smash Bros. game will be played on that thing. According to the article I read, it has the abilitiy to move the camera according to how you move the controller. That being said, it sounds like the Revolution has potential to be THE console to play FPS games. But I reserve all judgements until I see how it works with Revolution's titles.
  13. yoomazir

    yoomazir Well-Known Member

    " they know their market"

    no,they THINK they know their market.
  14. Painty_J

    Painty_J Well-Known Member

    Hey nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

    Hopefully this time they get some fuckin games to go along with the console though.
  15. thebradSHow

    thebradSHow Well-Known Member

    and they don't know their market? what's to "think" about, their still around, their still a big name, a heavy hitter, and as soon as you start pulling down nintendo numbers, I'm sure you can tell them how to run their shit
  16. KS_Vanessa

    KS_Vanessa Well-Known Member

    virtual boy.

    nuff said.
  17. yoomazir

    yoomazir Well-Known Member

    SH,you don't need to play the hardcore fanboy with me ok?
    I have the gba,the N64 and the Gamecube.
    Nintendo can be innovative,no! they are the most innovative company,but being innovative doesn't mean you'll hit the jackpot .specially when you don't use their innovation to the max.
    the revolution pad is,indeed,very...special but I don't fell this will attract 3rd parties and 3rd parties are now those who get the big cash.
  18. thebradSHow

    thebradSHow Well-Known Member

    hahahah, fanboy lol, how about a gamer who has been doing so as long as he can remember, yea they might not draw shit from rockstar, midway, and w/e other crap ass 3rd parties are out there, but they'll still prolly get good shit from those that have been doing it for years, konami, sega, shit, maybe even some kind of square enix thing (but since no one knows, this is all speculation). Fact of the matter is, arcades are dying or have been dead for a bit in america so of course home console is where it's at. That being said, I'd rather see someone doing something different while the 2 companies that have always split that kind of market do there thing because change is a necessity in the kind of market that their dealing with. We also know that being innovative prolly won't get them shit for it really, because right now the market is dominated by big name sequels and not much else. Best sellers everytime = new GTA, new Madden, new Halo, new MGS, new GT so no, they prolly won't get those people anyhow even if they did make a more standardized console that were meant for that kind of thing but as stated previously, they know their market.
  19. Painty_J

    Painty_J Well-Known Member

    do everyone a favor yoomazir and ks_vanessa, look up sales figures. seriously. Worldwide, Nintendo DOES outperform Sony and Microsoft.
  20. KS_Vanessa

    KS_Vanessa Well-Known Member

    i would post a link showing nintendo crawling in third place based on financial data alone, but they were at feb 2004.

    i cant find any other recent figures.

    but im still pretty sure that nintendo are in THIRD place. i know it hurts. but sometimes you gotta let go....

    show me some concrete data and then ill say you're right.

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