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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by marcel, Jan 1, 2002.

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    I have just recently found an arcade with VF4(went out of buisness 7 days later, @#$%$#!!) and there was a crowd around it. In order to play more than one set of rounds you had to have VF experiance. I tell you now I can't spell!! I am better at VF2 than VF3 in arcades so because there were no walls thus, I got a ring out strategy. The most popular of the stages was Jeffery's. I was playing as Sarah and was against Wolf, the first round he beat me but not by much. Wolf is far more powerful than sarah, I watched the guy beat other players easy but the easiest way to beat someone far better than you is to (this even works on the stages with short walls) move back towards the edge and do a move to switch positions and either slam them into the wall until it breaks or kick/ punch them out of the ring if there are no walls. easy win, always works 4 me!
  2. SeriousGround

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    No disrespect mate but when I'm playing someone better than me (like UK-Guy or the Wall) I watch what they do and take it onboard, rather than use a 'get wins quick scheme' which I gaurantee you will not 'always' work.
    What do you if someone challenges you and picks Wolf's stage (I realise not every machine gives the option of stage select)? I guess you're fucked?
    Hey, no-one likes losing, but you'll never improve if you won't challenge those better than you (this aint aimed directly at you mate, more of a general statement).

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