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Room Matches and the event calendar?

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by masterpo, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Couple of suggestions or ideas.

    If someone is hosting regularly scheduled room matches why not put the dates,times and system(PS3 or Xbox) on the VFDC event calendar?

    Of if you plan to be online for any significant amount of time, why not create a room session and then put it up on the VFDC event calendar for that day?

    Also I'm wondering why everyone's first goto mode online is not room match. When I get online the first thing I search for are room matches, the second thing I search for is player matches. I only look in ranked last (ppl play strangely in ranked ;) )

    If you and someone else are online and you know you're going to be playing a few matches why not just create a room and keep the session open for a while, put the time and system up on VFDC, that way anybody getting ready to go online can just check the calendar and see if there are any room sessions going on.

    I'm just now noticing that we can post events on the event calendar. I thought it was something only the site administrator could do. If I had known that members can post events I would have posted the days when I know I'm going to be online in a room session or at least post it when I create the session with a start, end time.

    When I get online in VF I usually go through, room, then player, then rank search. If I find no one, I'll create a room session and just leave it open for 30 minutes. If no one comes I close up and leave.

    Or maybe no one does room matches because ppl are still chasing ranks:confused: which would be strange at this point:meh:

    IMO if you're regularly online, room matches make the most sense and putting the date, time and system on the VFDC event calendar IMO seems like it would be a good idea.

    What da yall thinx?

    Or is this idea already being implemented and I'm missing the dates?
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  2. Sebo

    Sebo Well-Known Member Content Manager Taka Content Manager Jeffry

    When are you on PSN next?

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